It would need some color definitely, but this would be a cool tattoo

Zentangle - the art of doodling, anyone can so it! Check out this cool Seahorse zentangle This would make an awesome tattoo

When the Giant Octopi thought the wooden boats were whales. ☺☺Kraken Octopus Art Print - Kraken Octopus On A Raging Sea Historic Art Print/Poster


Red octopus no.10 - Vintage style A3 plus sized Poster Wall Art - sea life print SPP034

This octopus print looks awesome, but we're really glad it isn't the real thing…

From kraken to mermaids, some monsters are real—if you know how to look for them

Five “Real” Sea Monsters Brought to Life by Early Naturalists

A "Sea Devil" as depicted by Conrad Gessner in Historia Animalium, ed, (Smithsonian Biodiversity Heritage Library) ~ETS

hat i want but with a few minor changes

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Créditos: Reprodução / Bicicleta Sem Freio

Iemanja, from Brazilian collective Bicicleta Sem Freio.

Sailor and kitten, 1912 | 35 Vintage Cats At Sea

Pipe-smoking sailor and his kitten. looks just like my late husband--dimpled, Peterson pipe smoking, cat loving, handsome man.

Aristotle introduced the world to the giant squid (which he called teuthos) in 350 B.C. ~ETS

Five “Real” Sea Monsters Brought to Life by Early Naturalists

"The Kraken!" from Conradi Gesneri medici Tigurini Historiae animalium liber IV : qui est De piscium & aquatilium animantium natura : cum iconibus singulorum ad viuum expressis ferè omnibus DCCXII, by Conrad Gessner, Ed.