Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy is one place on my bucket list that I would love to visit someday. Hopefully, one day when I hit the lottery all of my bucket list wishes will come true and I will get to visit this place someday.

Canoli dip

Cannoli Dip

Cannoli Dip--I love this idea! Sweetened ricotta cheese dip with chocolate chips and pieces of waffle cone!

Antipasti Platter Presentations....

Antipasti platters- for the charcuterie lover. I never thought of this as an appetizer for my wedding. If I end up having a travel theme, I could also do an around the world type food theme.

10 different types of Bruschetta. Mmmmm.

10 different types of Bruschetta. I tried the regular bruschetta with tomato, mozzarella and basil. Brushing the bread with olive oil and fresh garlic, and topping with shredded parmesan was the best! SO many good times with this shit:)

Italian Cream Cake

Italian cream cake with cream cheese frosting. & cake has made so many appearances at our table in the last 14 years since I first made it that I couldn?t count them.& Looks so good.

Mini Canoli Cups - I just had some of these at a baby shower at work - all I can say is OMG!  They are so good adn so worth having as a regular in my baking routine!!.

Mini Cannoli Cups - Twist on a Favorite Italian Dessert Treat. Uses Refrigerated Pie Crust baked in mini-muffin pan

Cannoli lovers will love this one:  Cannoli Cups!  Great idea.

Mini Cannoli Cups

Mini Cannoli Cups - Twist on a Favorite Italian Dessert Treat. Uses Refrigerated Pie Crust baked in mini-muffin pan

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Mini soda - WHAT'S MEME ?

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muahah yesss kitty puns

For the love of cats (35 photos)

kitty cat jokes - what do you call a pile of cats? A meowtain

Oh I've loved this pun for years!

What do you call an alligator in a vest? An investigator lol cute pun joke

My new party trick - I swallow two pieces of string and an hour later they come out of my ass tied together i shit you knot

The Bad Joke Eel meme has been been seeing quite the renaissance lately and deserves to be appreciated.


I Love Wine And Italy, So This Is Perfection! Vineyards, Tuscany, Italy photo via murray


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Ohhhhh these are so delicious and easy to make.When I need an Elegant and very tasty dessert I use these.    MY PICTURE COMING SOON.I BORROWED THIS ONE

Italian cream filled cannoli cup's

Homemade Mini Cannoli Cream Cups via Cooking With Sugar ~ You can have the great taste of homemade italian cannolis at home without all of the hard work with this easy mini cannoli cream cups recipe. Cannoli’s are an all time favorite Italian dessert

Ice Cream Cone Canoli - http://passthesushi.com/cannoli-cones/

Ice Cream Cone Cannoli, A simple cannoli filling inside a sugar cone shell. This could be WAY easier than making cannoli shells.

How do you organize a space party? #bad #puns

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