Omg I can't stop laughing.

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Fuck Yeah Funny E-Cards!

your ecards, need to eat more healthy, first eat all the junk food, lol

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that's the truth

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I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry

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Proud Supporter Of Messy Hair & Sweatpants

Messy Hair Sweatpants

My Husband's Wife Is Freaking Awesome True Story

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When Someone Yells Stop

I Run Better Than The Government

This makes me smile.....

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That moment when you realize your kids have twisted sense of humor- Facebook Funny. Want more Facebook Funnies?

My kids have a twisted sense of humor- Facebook Funny

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27 Tees That Are Mean So You Don't Have To Be

LOL am I right!?! Screw You Recommended Serving Size. You don't know me!! - funny fitness quotes - funny fitness ecards

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I miss you more than I would miss junk food if I went on a diet. And you've seen me eat, you know how desperate I'd be.

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all i care about is coffee... and like 2 people.

Coffee And Like 2 People


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SO guilty!

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So True

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He does it every single time.

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so true

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My whole life has been a lie…