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stack of 4 homemade playdough balls flattened in colors green, blue, yellow and red with the words, best playdough you will ever make - Kids Activities Blog The Best Playdough Recipe, Easy Playdough, Best Homemade Playdough Recipe, Make Your Own Playdough, Easy Play Dough, Best Playdough Recipe, Playdoh Recipe, Homemade Playdoh, Easy Playdough Recipe
The Best Playdough Recipe Kids Will Love
Play dough is the perfect rainy day activity, and we love making it in our kitchen. When you make your own playdough with the best playdough recipe ever, you get way more dough for your money than when you go out and buy it. This homemade playdough is so much softer and easier to mold than the store-bought stuff!
Text: Sensory bin ideas - collage of 17 of the over 200 sensory bin ideas made with things you likely already have at home or in the classroom like rice, random items found and cups, etc. Asd Sensory Bins, Aba Activities For Kids, Edible Sensory Play, Sensory Activities For Kids, Sensory Play Activities, Sensory Activities For Preschoolers, Tactile Activities, Sensory Bags, Sensory Diet
200+ Best Sensory Bin Ideas for Toddlers, Preschool & Kindergarten
THE ultimate resource of sensory bin ideas for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten age young children. Sensory bins are great for kids to learn about their senses and be able to really get hands-on with touching, feeling and experiencing with open-ended play.
easter cookie bars with marshmallows and sprinkles on them are ready to be eaten
Fun Peeps Sugar Cookie Bars
Easter Peeps Cookie Bars are everyone’s favorite Peeps mixed with sugar cookies. They are festive looking and so fun to make! They are great for spring! Save this delicious treat recipe for Easter!
baby trail mix in a glass jar with pink and red sprinkles on top
Baby Trail Mix Recipe You Need!: Kids
Baby Trail Mix isn't just for babies! The strawberries immediately soften when eating. This is recommended for babies who are ready to eat solids, as well as toddlers, big kids…. pretty much anyone because it’s DELICIOUS!
a heart shaped sticker with neon lights on it that says, burning up like neon lights
DIY Glow Stick Valentine Craft
Have you heard Demi Lovato's song called "Neon Lights" yet? It is a great song. Smart School House created this adorable glow stick Valentine craft that kids will love. Make some for your kids to hand out this Valentine's Day.
someone is holding up a ring made out of silver foil with the words, big chocolate filled valentine's ring
Fun Valentine's Day Ring Craft—The Perfect DIY Valentine!
This Valentine’s Day Ring Craft really brings the bling! This big and adorable diamond-looking ring is made of plastic and filled with heart-shaped chocolates. The best part is, the dollar store has almost all the supplies you will need for this simple craft and DIY Valentine’s gift!
heart shaped chocolate sticks with sprinkles on them and the words heart hot chocolate sticks
Heart Hot Chocolate Sticks—A Fun Valentine's Day Idea!
These Heart Hot Chocolate Sticks from Smart School House are simple to make for Valentine's Day. They are shaped like hearts which makes them perfect for this holiday! This is a fun way for kids to make and drink hot chocolate this winter!
heart pretzels are being held by a hand
Adorable Heart Pretzels—Great for Valentine's Day!
Check out these heart pretzels that are perfect for a Valentine's Day treat from Smart School House! You'll love the sweet and salty flavor as well as all the pastel colors and hearts! These heart pretzels are great for your Valentine's Day party!
a valentine's day card with candy in the shape of a heart
You Blow My Heart Up Valentine Idea—With Free Printable and Video!
Kids will love to make this fun Valentine's Day craft! To make this bubba-licious Blow My Heart Up Bubble Gum Craft, you only need a few very simple materials that can all be found at your craft store: red craft foam, gum balls, plastic baggies, and a glue gun. This craft is great for a classroom activity for Valentine's Day!
marshmallows wrapped in cellophane on top of a keyboard with the words, you make me blush happy valentine's day
Blushing Marshmallow Valentine—The Cutest Idea!
Try to look at this Valentine without smiling. Just try! I bet you can’t. Who wouldn’t love a Blushing Marshmallow Valentine? It’s simply the cutest little DIY Valentine idea …. ever! If you and your kids are looking for a unique, inexpensive, and fun DIY Valentine’s Day idea for the class, you’ve found it here! The printable is free too!
some candy boxes with hearts and noses on them
Candy Robot Craft—Perfect for Valentine's Day
This candy robot is the best Valentine's Day craft idea for kids. These DIY Valentines are fun to make and are even more fun to give to kids, classmates, or friends! If you need a quick sweet treat this Valentine's Day, make one of these candy robots!
an old school valentine's day card with the text, i'm old school free printable
Printable "I'm Old School" Valentine
This is one of the funniest ideas for Valentine's Day! Grab this free printable for an "I'm Old School" Valentine! This is a funny, creative Valentine that is great for kids. Everyone will be cracking up at this hilarious Valentine!
valentine's day robot craft made out of toilet paper and cardboard with the words valentine's day robots on it
Candy Robots for Valentine's Day
This candy robot is the perfect Valentine's Day craft idea for kids. These DIY Valentines are fun to make and are even more fun to give to kids, classmates, or friends! If you need a quick sweet treat this Valentine's Day, make one of these Valentine candy robots!
colorful beaded corn hanging from twine with text overlay reading beaded corn
Easy and Vibrant Beaded Corn Decor
This beaded corn made with pipe cleaners is a fall craft by Smart School House that is easy and beautiful! This colorful pipe cleaner beaded corn can be used for decoration this fall through Thanksgiving. We LOVE fall craft ideas, and this gorgeous harvest corn is one craft you must try this year.
how to make homemade dog shampoo for dogs and puppies with instructions on how to use it
DIY Dog Shampoo for Clean and Happy Pets
Say goodbye to fleas with DIY dog shampoo: affordable and effective! Ensure your furry friends stay flea-free while saving money with this simple recipe. Give your pets the clean comfort they deserve—try making this dog shampoo today.