Miku The Lil' Bean

Miku The Lil' Bean

★★ Sometimes to stay alive, you gotta kill ur mind ★★
Miku The Lil' Bean
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Anime Girl covered with Pink Roses and surrounded by Butterflies Art.

blush brown eyes brown hair butterfly dress elbow gloves fishnet gloves flower gloves grey background hagiwara rin hair flower hair ornament jewelry leaf long hair necklace original pink rose rose simple background solo v arms vines white dress wink

Il y a deux choses bien dans la vie les Doritos et Overwatch cela tombe bien les deux y sont réunis. - Girl

Anime picture overwatch d.va (overwatch) panza long hair single tall image highres brown hair fringe simple background twintails white background brown eyes looking away holding signed upper body alternate costume open jacket arm up 490983 en


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IA -Aria on The Planetes-

2017 black bra black legwear bra character name choker collarbone copyright name cube dated hand up head out of frame highres holding ia (vocaloid) jewelry long hair night night sky off shoulder parted lips pink skirt pleated skirt ring sin


Roses and blood are a perfect thing, don't you think? << If you look closely, it looks like she's on her period

Je kiffe :-* <3

From Fisheye Placebo by Yummei Read at –> yuumei. (when putting up pictures that actually give the artist's name, like RIGHT THERE on an art site, please give credit to them ^w^)


Sometimes girls color show on the out side but on the inside they reflect feeling and emotion