Watch This Guy Build a Massive Solar System in the Desert | Short Film S...

In order to illustrate our place in the universe, Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh decided to build the first scale model of the solar system in seven miles of empty desert.

See the 1,000-Year-Old Windmills Still in Use Today | Short Film Showcase

These amazing windmills are among the oldest in the world. Located in the Iranian town of Nashtifan, initially named Nish Toofan, or "storm's sting," the win.

Koalas Are Suddenly Behaving Strangely. Why? | National Geographic

National Geographic: Koalas Are Suddenly Behaving Strangely.

Cute Octopus Latches Onto Diver's Arm | National Geographic

Off the coast of Tenerife, in Spain’s Canary Islands, a diver seemed to have made an unusual friend. A little octopus observed the human visitor, and eventua.

Investigating the Mysterious Whale Sharks of Mafia Island | National Geo...

Why the World's Biggest Sharks Love Mafia Island - Scientists hope the whale sharks that live around the East African island will help them better understand how to preserve the species.

Amazing Footage: Goats Climbing on a Near-Vertical Dam

With split hooves and rubber-like soles, the Alpine ibex is able to climb a near-vertical rock face. Watch next: Mountain Goats Aren't Actually Goats https:/.

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Einstein: Chapter One (Full Episode) | Genius

The life of the century’s most brilliant icon, Albert Einstein (Geoffrey Rush & Johnny Flynn), was full of passionate, volatile relationships.

These Newly Discovered Frogs Can Fit on Your Fingertip | National Geogra...

These Newly Discovered Frogs Can Fit on Your Fingertip

A Riveting Encounter with a Rare Black-Maned Lion | National Geographic

A National Geographic explorer spotted the adult male on a recent expedition to Bale Mountains National Park.

Black Bears Are Better Tree Climbers Than You—Here’s Why

Black Bears Are Better Tree Climbers Than You—Here’s Why

TIL: Bees Could Help Save Elephants—By Scaring Them

In this episode of Today I Learned, National Geographic Emerging Explorer Paula Kahumbu explains how elephants' surprising fear of bees is actually helping to protect them.

Saving Endangered Jaguars in Mexico, One Photo at a Time

As the iconic jaguar continues to face threats in Mexico, a small nature reserve is using motion-sensor technology to census the big cats.