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    16 Pro-Choice Memes That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, & Hug Your Uterus

    It’s the first think you think about when you wake up. | 24 Signs Coffee Is Actually Your Soulmate

    beautiful acrylic painting of the astrology zodiac pisces sign!!! One of my favorite signs of them all

    'Your Students Must Have a Hard Time Concentrating!' and 7 Other Sexist Things Female Teachers Are Tired Of Hearing

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    Yup, that seems just about right... What Your Home State Says About Your Personality (Allegedly)

    How To Argue For Gay Marriage and Win Any Debate With a Hater

    I'm starting to really dig this mix between modern and classical... Bookshelf with Ladder - Gilt Home

    I used to have one of these, but it's time to upgrade! One of my favorite discoveries at Metal Compost Bucket with Vintage Canning Label

    One of my favorite discoveries at Green Khadi Tufted Floor Cushion

    If there's ever a message to throw your viral support behind, this is it (or one of them, anyways).

    @Jake Levitas, @Martha Pettit, and their team helped give the Occupy movement a visual language though Occupy Design

    This is my video game terms. :) ------ Let's get one thing straight: Freelancing is not easy. While it offers fantastic benefits -- flexible hours, more control and creative independence -- there are still plenty of risks involved with striking out on your own and running your own business. And while the economy struggles to recover, ...