I would maybe stop at one wall... if you collected bits of differing kinds of wood, think of the variety of color staining could achieve. Also, consider finish alternatives and how they might make this conducive to producing a powder room backsplash....

With better chairs / for optimum back support & comfort for long hours at the monitor & phones or studying.........this wall desk would be big enough for Angel & Ryan. Just add double coffee warmers & their computers. Enough elec. outlets.

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Hi, I'm audrey. This is my interior design blog where I'll be posting pictures of beautiful rooms which will hopefully inspire your very own homes. Hover over house for types of rooms. Feel free to ask for my email for business...

// Credits Photo workspace; Styling: Cleo Scheulderman @vtwonen photo: Jeroen van der SpekWell...I don't know about your week but mine has been pretty

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