This barista knows his stuff...  #HarryPotter

This barista knows his stuff…

This is hilarious! Some guy went to Starbucks and when the cashier asked for his name; he says with a very calm voice, "Lord Voldemort". This is what his cup said when he got it. Clearly someone has a sense of humor. =D Gotta love Harry Potter!

Fairyland looks completely different! #DoctorWho

Geez, grow up!

"I don't understand. Is this place real? Or is it fairyland? Oh grow up, Lily! Fairyland looks completely different.

Superwholock perfection

The Sherlock fandom its the to smart for its own good insane one. The Supernatural fandom its the funny "How did you do THAT! And the Doctor Who fandom keeps them all together. well we try.

(Gif) THIS

Enjoy, my fellow sherlockians. And why am I laughing so hard?<<<< This is the most BEAUTIFUL thing ever. Their faces!

Sociopaths... With your number

I'm in the doctor who and sherlock fandoms but havent seen supernatural yet. I have work to do

Sherlock logic. //

Sherlock’s logic…

Omg that smile hahaha!

"High functioning sociopath, with your number." quote from The Sign of Three (love the lunatic smile.

Marvel meeting DC counterparts? Captain America/Superman Iron Man/Batman

DC meets Marvel

Funny pictures about DC meets Marvel. Oh, and cool pics about DC meets Marvel. Also, DC meets Marvel photos.

Oh, don't even go there!!

<<< my mind was so busy thinking of the possibilities of this being true that I almost pinned this onto my Supernatural board.<<< I have always hated Mary but now that I have read this post I hate her a lot

My reaction when somebody says they don't like Doctor Who or Sherlock

My exact reaction when people say they don't like Benedict/Sherlock/Alan/Doctor Who/Supernatural

When asked, "Don't you think you've watched a little too much Doctor Who lately?"

Doctor Who Nope gif! me when i come to school and see all the people i hate


Wait, did Ben seriously do this? He jump-photobombed at the Oscars. Ben, you're like a giant five-year-old sometimes.

"Because how else are you supposed to dance to the Doctor Who theme song?" <-- Hahahahahaha! ...White people...

White people.


" "The TARDIS!" Even though it's a serious moment, I laugh every time the Doctor embraces the TARDIS in joy. I love Sexy. River and the Doctor are my OTP, but the TARDIS and the Doctor are also my OTP.