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A lot of people have trouble getting texture without having their whole braid fall apart. Try adding this! (Click photo to read and get the link)

The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. - BRAID PASTE
  • Joann Duncan
    Joann Duncan
  • Caboodles

    Great tip! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

If you're new to braiding, try using this trick to help you keep each strand under control!

The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. - BRAID PASTE
  • Joann Duncan
    Joann Duncan


An easy 4 step workout hair tutorial with one slick trick!

  • Jennifer Fritsch
    Jennifer Fritsch

    Lily Moseley

freckles and braids

  • Emma Jacobsen
    Emma Jacobsen

    You should do more tutorials on braids

  • Honor Haircare
    Honor Haircare

    Love her freckles!

beyond obsessed with this.

  • Lovelivedream



  • Karina Ciocca
    Karina Ciocca


braided in the back

into it.

  • Allie

    That hair is a little reptilian for my liking.

  • Lovelivedream

    I love this hair style!

also spectacular… this.

  • Madelyn Rancourt
    Madelyn Rancourt

    Is this Evelina Barry ?

  • Eliza Taverner
    Eliza Taverner

    yep that's Evelina.

  • Dana Bannon
    Dana Bannon

    Can you tell me what color line was used for the pink?

blue braids? don't mind if we do!

braids on braids on braids

  • Dannielle Levan
    Dannielle Levan

    It looks like two smaller braids sewn together - not an uncommon Viking style.

  • Jaime Price
    Jaime Price

    This is a still from the History Channel show 'Vikings'! Check it out….the character in the pic is amaaaaaazing!

  • Alex Gloge
    Alex Gloge

    yea the show and the hair, and the costume design is badass

so obsessed with this simple twisted fishtail. click through to see the step by step tutorial! xx

the twisted fishtail is both gorgeous and fast! see the easy step-by-step tutorial by clicking the photo.

  • Kimberly Hernandez
    Kimberly Hernandez

    LOVE it Thank you Danielle!

Layers can be extra annoying when it comes to braids. This trick will fix that.

  • Peta Alford
    Peta Alford

    Angie Alford

String Braid tutorial is now up! See all the steps as well as some alternative materials to use on thebeautydepartme...!

  • Jackie Simmons
    Jackie Simmons

    Samantha Ezzo

  • Samantha Ezzo
    Samantha Ezzo

    Love it. :) thanks for the inspiration!

A cute way to add a little detail to your braid! 💕

  • Rank & Style
    Rank & Style

    Stunning ♥

  • Webtoons lover
    Webtoons lover

    i will try it tonight! :)

  • The Wet Brush
    The Wet Brush


You asked for it! Here's the actual braid tutorial from the last post. There's a special trick involved for dutch braiding bob-length hair!

The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty.

obsessed with texture powder.

  • Sarah

    Samantha Hauser maybe this would help you style your hair????

  • Courtney Douget
    Courtney Douget

    Leticia Hamilton

This braid is cute, but could be bigger. Read about texture powder and see our favorites on the website!

Get in on our favorite trick for thickening up your braids! The secret is out on TBD! :) Click the photo to see the full story...

The Baby Boho! Our 2nd in the "Summer Braid" series on thebeautydepartme...

  • Lisa Martinez
    Lisa Martinez

    Loving that hair color, Beauty!

  • Mariam Parveen
    Mariam Parveen

    Her hair colour is so nice. Jasmine Akhtar

YAY! Time to start our "Summer Braid" series on thebeautydepartme.... So excited to kick it off with this one. See the tutorial by clicking on the photo! xo

  • Elizabeth Rider
    Elizabeth Rider


  • Elin Belaj
    Elin Belaj

    This is sooo pretty!

MAKE WAY, friends! The Braid Parade is coming through! :)

  • Siary Mendoza
    Siary Mendoza

    Welcome to the braid parade...

Beautiful Summer Updo - Hairstyles How To #prom hairstyles

  • Meg

    Allison Pennington