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health + body

health + body

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We're back with another beauty bite! Visit TBD to see all the ingredients in our favorite yogurt snack! xo

  • Chic ♡ Peek
    Chic ♡ Peek

    Gotta try this for school! I still don't know what chia or hemp tastes like!

  • Ronnie Morales
    Ronnie Morales

    Samantha Velez looks good babeh!

We're back with another beauty bite! Visit thebeautydepartme... to read the full story about this savory + sweet dish!

  • JMS

    oooh yummy! Lets cook this! xx

Because lip balms protect but can't undo the damage already done, you must try a {NON} BALM instead! Click through for steps and our favorites!

Beat the heat with these DELICIOUS antioxidant-rich "Beauty Pops"! They're packed with benefits and so so good. Recipe and tutorial are up on thebeautydepartme...

  • Jill Gott-Gleason/good life
    Jill Gott-Gleason/good life

    Yum! These look delicious! I'll have to try these once the mid-west warms up!

  • Emma Felin
    Emma Felin

    I wish I was at "the heat". Poor UK :(

Frozen Greek yogurt confetti?? YES PLEASE!

In today's post, we're whipping up ways to make our 5 favorite teas a little more fun!

One more shot because this acai bowl recipe was just that delicious. 💁 #acaibowl

No more chapped lips! Do this a couple times a week and prevent/fix chapped lips this winter! Click twice on this picture for the step-by-step printable tutorial!

KITCHEN BEAUTICIAN: Use 4 household ingredients to make the best hand scrub ever… because nobody wants to be that girl with a gorgeous mani and dry, flaky hands. :)


PRETTY ON THE INSIDE: We love this easy, no-cooking-required chia pudding recipe for it's beauty benefits + it's ability to knock our ice cream craving. Follow the link and read up!

  • Kari Meyer
    Kari Meyer

    Kim Meyer SEE!! 'IM NOT CRAZY

  • Nathalia

    Can we get more recipes like these please! :)

Delicious dessert with beauty benefits? Yes, please.

If you're running late to work or going to the office from the gym, learn how to style your wet hair so it looks gorgeous once you get there!


pretty, delicious, nutritious.


DIY time! Flavored coconut spreads are delicious and full of beauty benefits. Make one for yourself or for a vegan/vegetarian friend. Use it in place of butter! See the full post on thebeautydepartme...

love these flavor combos


8 flavor ideas...

  • nani nathii
    nani nathii

    i love so great ideas :) Maybe some of you will like my envelopes :D Here's the link: http://nanienvelopes.tictai...

  • Penny Watson
    Penny Watson

    Looks so pretty, perfect for a summer wedding x

This sh*t is bananas! Okay… well it's actually avocados but that's not a fun lyric. We are OBSESSED with this chocolate pudding recipe made from avocados/honey/cocoa. Whip up the recipe with us on thebeautydeparmen...

Winter dryness? No problem, honey! Click the photo to read all about our 7 fave honey-themed beauty buys.

  • D A I S Y
    D A I S Y

    The Body Shop UK

  • Leslie Crowell
    Leslie Crowell

    Try Waxelene, too!

We absolutely love a good, healthy summer salad! Visit thebeautydepartme... to learn about all the beauty benefits of each ingredient in this dish!

  • Victoria Harold
    Victoria Harold

    Nikki Jones remember yesterday's salad convo? This sounds so good!

  • My Yoga Boutique
    My Yoga Boutique

    Sounds delicious!!

No gimmicks. These are the true tips on how to make your hair grow faster. There's no magic formula!

  • tori grace
    tori grace

    I thought it was the heat - heat makes hair grow faster in the summer

  • Harmony Tank
    Harmony Tank

    I use It Works Hair Skin and Nails and my hair grew 1/2 inch in 2 weeks! visit my site at

  • GetTheItBody

    It Works Hair Skin and Nails!

  • Crafty Little Gnome
    Crafty Little Gnome

    It's the heat. When you exercise your head gets warm so that makes sense too.

  • Shock Cavaliere
    Shock Cavaliere

    I'm a cosmetologist: Heat doesn't do it. It's the blood circulation from the exercise.

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don't forget to wash your face EVERY NIGHT!

  • Stephanie Bloom
    Stephanie Bloom

    I'm really getting better at doing this!

don't forget to clean your cell phones! they. are. dirty.

  • grace

    I learned that your dirty phone causes the most acne.

look at your hair under a microscope! do you do any of these things that cause damage?

  • Angie Velasco
    Angie Velasco