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No more makeup on your collar!

  • Lauren Nieder
    Lauren Nieder

    You can't wash a wool sweater >.>

  • Julie Andersen
    Julie Andersen

    Yes you can, but you have to wash it at low temperature and let it dry flat on the ground in a shady place. And never pull at it, it destroys the shape of the garment and can tear the fibers.

  • Lauren Nieder
    Lauren Nieder

    My washer is too shitty for that haha good to know though thank you

  • Jessi Madalynn
    Jessi Madalynn

    Holy Jesus I've washed wool sweaters (on a cold wool setting) and hung them for years and they've never ruined. To me this seems like suchhhh an effort, why can't you take your makeup off first if you're so concerned?

  • Julie Andersen
    Julie Andersen

    I study fashion design and a big part of the study is how to handle materials, and you can easily destroy a nice wool sweater by washing and drying it incorrectly. Actually I was shocked to discover how wrong many washing lables are, because the company uses materials that dosen't match, so a part of the garment never gets properly cleaned. For example, you can't clean cotton below 60 degrees celcious, because the fibers dosen't open at lower tempratures. Even though the lables are wrong, if you treat a garment any other way than what the company recommends, you can't return it. That means that many people are walking around with dirty clothes, even though they just washed them.

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Who's ready for Halloween? What are you dressing up as?

  • Miriam Taylor
    Miriam Taylor

    Little dead riding hood!!!!

  • Aisha Hussain
    Aisha Hussain

    A bunny... Remember kids, do not be a racial stereotype for Halloween.

  • Kaitlin Wheeler
    Kaitlin Wheeler

    Laine Miller

  • Vanessa Flores
    Vanessa Flores

    Bride of Frankenstein :)

  • Svea Moody
    Svea Moody

    Hot air balloon!

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halloween costume idea.

  • Susy Cowgill
    Susy Cowgill

    omg it is...

  • Analee Sasso
    Analee Sasso

    JLaw sambando na nossa cara...

  • Chynel

    Ok I thought that was her but I wasn't sure

  • Jodi-Lynn Tarney
    Jodi-Lynn Tarney

    I was thinking the same thing!

  • Melissa Rascon Folsom Natural Beauty 916-792-8896
    Melissa Rascon Folsom Natural Beauty 916-792-8896

    The feathers would knock people out. I was a peacock for halloween and had some warbrobe malfunctions lol

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Red hair + GAP grass green striped tank + denim button down = ❤

match or clash!?

The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty.
  • Kylie Ryan
    Kylie Ryan

    mach! definetley

  • Shelly Morel
    Shelly Morel


  • Maria C // Le Chat Gris
    Maria C // Le Chat Gris

    Clash of course!!!

  • Adri Alise
    Adri Alise


  • Laura Siani
    Laura Siani

    clash and mach event do! Everything is fashion it depends on you, definitely !!!

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ARM PARTY!! Good ideas for layering bracelets.

  • Agidza Muaka
    Agidza Muaka

    love this!

  • Mici Balach
    Mici Balach

    Where is that love bracelet from??

  • SweetSimpleStylish

    the love bracelet is from forever 21 but it's no longer available :( if you find it please let me know

  • Jan Smith, Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot
    Jan Smith, Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot

    check out bracelets from Stella & Dot for a great ARM PARTY.

  • Make It Fake It Bake It
    Make It Fake It Bake It

    love ♥

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3 style ideas for Easter or Passover holiday weekend outfits! xo thebeautydepartme...

  • {eglamstyle }
    {eglamstyle }

    Very Cute!!

  • Jaime Angel
    Jaime Angel

    Thank you so much for including Passover. So many people forget it was around long before Easter

  • Erica Sett
    Erica Sett

    love the prim & proper! so cute!

  • Mady Basich
    Mady Basich

    That arrow ring! OMG ♥

how to break in a new pair of heels! xo

The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. - BREAKING IN
  • Evi Tara
    Evi Tara

    A fohn? I dont understand

  • Ylva Wrigstad
    Ylva Wrigstad

    Pour water in a freezer plastic bag, insert into shoe, place in freezer. As water freezes it expands and your shoes do the same. Works for me!

  • Adri Alise
    Adri Alise

    The freezer thing only works with leather shoes. I thought I did this on leather and it was only artsy real leather- totally ruined heels. My real leather shoes worked like a dream!

  • Adri Alise
    Adri Alise


  • Adri Alise
    Adri Alise


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We're packing our spring break bag and heading out! What's in yours and where are you going!?

  • Liz Turner
    Liz Turner

    Considering I live in Miami, I've been having everyone come to me!

  • Patricia Medina Mejia
    Patricia Medina Mejia

    I like.....

  • Diana DM
    Diana DM

    @Ale Alvarez V checa el esmalte, está precioso

a Rodarte dress to die for.

  • JoAnne NoNameRightNow!
    JoAnne NoNameRightNow!

    Oh This how lovely .. Especially if my daughter Chelsea wore it !

  • Elaine Humphries
    Elaine Humphries

    awesome, she is so unique


Every Look From H&M's Conscious Collection, Launching April 14th
  • Erika Guedes
    Erika Guedes

    Simple and delicate

  • Mariana de Almeida Garcia
    Mariana de Almeida Garcia

    this is sooo cute!!

  • Grace Kim
    Grace Kim

    Lovely dress!

bows, bows, bows...

  • Iriis Mello
    Iriis Mello

    Que lindo! Eu quero *__*

uh, yes.

  • Debi Coules
    Debi Coules

  • Nancy V.
    Nancy V.

    Soooo perfect!!!

  • Hailey G.
    Hailey G.

    Obviously Taylor Swift is the only one who can make this work! ♥

  • Elaine Humphries
    Elaine Humphries

    Taylor is not only talented, but she looks beautiful in this dress:))

  • Laurie DePasque
    Laurie DePasque

    Gorgeousness! Thank You, All!

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how to wear your hair with a blazer

beauty tips for a heavily detailed dress.

  • Jenna Baltes
    Jenna Baltes

    Gorgeous....can I say fresh idea for bridesmaids!

  • Samantha

    Ok I think i need one of these dresses for my best friend wedding

  • Keona Thrasher
    Keona Thrasher

    Two of the bridesmaids fears for dress colour. Sea Foam & Salmon

  • Brinda Paramore
    Brinda Paramore

    Seafoam green was the color of my prom dress I made. Satin long undress with an over lay lacey tulle. with satin belt. That was 1983

  • Anna D'Amato
    Anna D'Amato

    No please no

how to wear your hair with a strapless dress

  • Bridget Moats
    Bridget Moats

    who makes the cream/gold strapless dress? it's gorgeous!

  • Luciana Codella
    Luciana Codella

    where's the cream/gold one from?

  • Jen Norman
    Jen Norman

    It's from Modcloth but is no longer available :(

  • Alexandra Campos
    Alexandra Campos

    What about with spaghetti straps?

how to wear your hair with a one-shoulder dress

  • Valentina Paris
    Valentina Paris

    I love the first! Where can I find it?

  • Micaela Luis
    Micaela Luis

    Valentina Paris it's from Miss Selfridge

how to wear your hair with an A-Line dress

  • Robyn Percy
    Robyn Percy

    I have that pink dress, it's so flattering

  • Stephanie Hui
    Stephanie Hui

    where did u get that pink dress? loves it!!!

  • Micaela Luis
    Micaela Luis

    Stephanie Hui it's from Modcloth

FASHION FRIDAY… The Backless Dress

The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty.
  • Kristin Ess
    Kristin Ess it's by Elizabeth and James. There's a link at the bottom of the post if you can't find it. Click on the picture.

  • Lauren Fox
    Lauren Fox

    What kind of bra do you wear with this? ....or do you?

  • Judith Aguilar
    Judith Aguilar

    ^I don't think you would wear a regular bra, probably a sticky bra that doesn't have straps. You can find them at like target I think. But I don't think large breasted women can wear this :-(

  • Kim Sanchez
    Kim Sanchez

    Where can you get the top one?!

  • Brinda Paramore
    Brinda Paramore

    U can also wear a backless bra . yes it is a bra without the back band . U can find them at good lingier stores. or on-;ine. Great for "C" cup and up

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