I may be The Beer Buddha but I have a soft side for fruity liquor drinks.  And soft rock.

Fresh Strawberry Margaritas

Strawberry Long Island Iced Tea Recipe 50 ounce Vodka ounce Tequila ounce Rum ounce Gin ounce Triple Sec ounce Sweet & Sour Mix Splash of Daily’s Strawberry Margarita/Daiquiri Mix

love this!

Garden Visit: Kevin's Tiny Tropical Paradise

Kevin's Hollywood home (see it here in his House Tour) is a colorful and artfully curated space. But with two stories, it's hard to call it small. His garden, on the other hand, is a tiny jewel of a space full of tropical flair.

How to Infuse Your Own Cocktails

Mason Jar Infused Liquors - If you haven't noticed already, I love mason jars. There are countless things you can do with them and they always come in handy. Here is a way to make you own infused liquors in smaller batches!

Tiki room @ hepcatrestorations.com Photo Credit: Shameless Photography

Tiki Room from Pinup photo shoot with model Yasmina Greco. - I mean if you are going to have a tiki bar.

Tiki bar awesomeness

Poolside Tiki Bar

Want this in my backyard

How to Build a Backyard Tiki Bar

Build the Home Bar of Your Dreams with One of These 8 Free Plans: Backyard Tiki Bar Plan from Popular Mechanics

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