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30 Must Follow Christian Moms

We are moms who desire to be “better” even though we are busy. Join us here for tons of inspiration and encouragement as we raise children who will impact the world, take care of our homes, love our husbands, and ultimately honor God with our lives!

30 Must Follow Christian Moms

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Are you raising a tween girl? And want an encouraging resource for her as she grows through these challenging younger years? Here's a recommended resource! For Girls Like You: 70 Days of Encouraging Devotions for Your Tween Girl ~ Club31Women

"But they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint." ~Isaiah 40:31 #strength #bibleverse #overcomeroutreach #faith

Let's face it....sometimes our kids can drive us crazy! If you've ever wondered if it is even possible to raise children that you actually enjoy being around, you cannot miss these 5 amazing nuggets of wisdom from Edie of Life in Grace! This article seriously forever changed the way I parent my kids. A must read!

Are you ready for summer fun? As the school year draws to a close, many of us are making plans for the hot days ahead. What's on your list? These ideas will set you up for fun indoors and out!

Family Stress Reducers that don't cost a thing!

FREE Transportation Number Wall Cards to help your preschooler with number recognition and counting.

How do you help your children learn how to be happy? Here are the 10 Habits of Happiness to pass on to your kids - for now and to take with them into a successful adulthood. Teaching Our Children The 10 Habits of Happiness - Club 31 Women

Tips for healing broken relationships with children

Come and grab these 50 spring-themed free educational printables for your children to enjoy! ::

How do we teach our children to pray? Such a profound experience can actually be quite simple. Are you ready to incorporate it into your day today? Start here.

As moms, we wouldn’t trade our role—or our kids—for anything, yet we still LONG for the day when we can step back from a clean house and whisper, “Done.” Of course that will never happen. Life is a beautiful mess. So how do we, as moms, battle this conflict? I’m no expert, but I am a mom. Here are three ways to embrace messy days.

Private school might seem out of reach, but it actually can be far more affordable than you might think. If you've been considering a change in your child's education, you will not want to miss these 7 super practical (and field-tested) ways to afford private school on a budget.

4 Communication Tips to Improve Any Relationship

Chocolate Potato Cake? Boiled Icing? Check out these neat WWII recipes!

Have you ever been made fun of or embarrassed by someone else? A few thoughts on being publicly humiliated, and ultimately what it tells us about ourselves. A must read!

Seeing some of the dangers in passive parenting was enough motivation for me to make a change. I hope these parenting tips on passivity will offer some direction for you.

It came on subtly over the years from being pregnant and losing sleep to nursing babes. It was just a way of life out of necessity for sanity sake. 4 Problems With Passive Parenting - Christin Slade

Friendship plays such a powerful role in a young man's life! But often our sons need encouragement and wisdom from us to build strong, positive friendships. Helping Your Son Build Strong, Solid Friendships ~ Club31Women

Strong friendships are such an important part of a girl’s life. Here's practical and wise advice to guide your daughter in making and keeping good friends! Helping Your Daughter With Healthy, Loving Friendships ~ Club31Women

Knowing your heart is now walking around outside your body...#parenthood

Come and grab these 50 spring-themed free educational printables for your children to enjoy! ::

ideas for teaching your family to serve together! 31 Days of Intentional Parenting!

Always stuck trying to think of a yummy, healthy meal to bring a friend? Check out these REAL-FOOD, yummy meal ideas! Includes many gluten-free and dairy-free meal options! Must-pin for down the road!

THE ULTIMATE FAMILY CAR TRIP GUIDE - 4 Kids, 11 Hours, And NO DVDs! Includes strategic snack info :) , Instructions on a Car Binder for each child, car ride games, behavioral tactics and MORE