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Mice & Rats

Love Mice & Rats? Follow this board for Mouse & Rat toys, news, photos, stuffed animals, humor, jewelry, and other stuff.
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Mice Rats

Mouse Hoop

Earrings Wildthings

Dimensional Cat

Jewelry Novelty Jewelry

Novelty Earrings

Hoop Earrings

Ships Sterling

Item Sterling

Three Dimensional Cat and Mouse Hoop Earrings at, an animal-themed superstore.

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Rats Ratties

Baby Ratties

3 Rats

Rat Rattus

Rat Mum

Rat Died


Chubby Cheeks


Hi my rat died and i am so sad so this pic looks like him so please pin this to thank my rat for being a great pet

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Themed Superstore

White Mouse

Animal Themed

Incredible Creatures

Mice Rats

White Mouse (Incredible Creatures) at, an animal-themed superstore.

White Mouse (Incredible Creatures)

Puppets And Props

Puppets Puppet Theaters

Puppets N Marionettes

Hand Puppets

Puppet Pack

Rat Puppet

Folkmanis Rat

Cutest Puppet

Detachable Pack

Rat with Pack at, a family-owned toy store.

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Mama Mouse

Mouse Baby

Tiny Mouse

Cute Mouse

Mouse Worldhttp

Mouse Sweet

Mouse Carrying

Carrying Baby

Louis Klein


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Mouse Puppet

Puppet 16

Puppet Moveable

Moveable Mouth

Mouse Hand

Puppet Folkmanis

Mice Rats

Hand Puppets


Little Mouse Hand Puppet at, a family-owned store. Check our sales & FREE Shipping.

Little Mouse Hand Puppet

Animals 6 Mice

Small Animals

Animals Rhs

Animals Wild

Mice Mouse

Mice Rats

Mice Ii

Mouse Rat


The Raspberry Thief :-) So sweet...just stay out of my house.

Lenyűgöző állati legek

Baby Mouse

Tiny Mouse

Boo Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Tiny Pet

Little Mouse

Mouse Stuff

Little Mice

Things Mouse

Town Mouse

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Folkmanis Rat

Folkmanis Puppets

Rat Puppet

Puppet Plush

Animal Puppets

Hand Puppets

Rat Hand

Owned Toy

Rat Lover

Rat Puppet at, a family-owned toy store.

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Inaglo Photography

Photography Mouse

Photography Animals

Hamster Photography

Brown Bear Photography

Rodents Mice Squirrels Etc

Animals Mammals Rodents

Rats Bats

Illustrations Pictures Photos

Topo Woodmouse by InaGlo Photography

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Puppet 11

Mouse Puppet

Puppet List

Puppetu Com Folkmanis

Folkmanis Mouse

Folkmanis White

Handmade Dolls

Soft Handmade

Plush Puppets

White Mouse Puppet at, a toy store that has shipped over 1.2 million items.

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Fun Foods

Food Fun

Food Network/Trisha

Food Play

Don'T Play

Yummy Foods

Foods Class

Vege Foods

Head Play

Strawberry Mice

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Lil Mouse

Cute Mouse

Happy Mouse

Sweet Mouse

Gray Mouse

Funny Mouse

Mice Mouse

Pet Mouse

Mouse Pic

Not sure if this is a hamster or gerbil but dear little thing anyway - every creature is beautiful in its own way

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Mouse Climbing

Matt Binstead

Make A Wish

I Wish


Tiny Mouse

Baby Mouse

Tiny Tiny

Mouse Hidden

Micromouse on Dandelion by Sweetmart: A Harvest Mouse holds on with its tail! #Harvest_Mouse

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Folkmanis Brown

Folkmanis Hand

Folkmanis Puppets

Puppets I Own

Plush Puppets

Hand Puppets

Puppet Mouse

Puppet Puppet

Puppet List

Brown Mouse Puppet at, a family-owned gift shop with 12,000+ animal-themed items.

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Mountain Rat

Mountain Animal

Mountain T Shirts

Face Tshirts

Pet T Shirts

T Shirts Met

Rat T Shirt

Shirt Big

Tee Shirt

Big Face White Rat T-Shirt at, an animal-themed store established in August 2000.

Big Face White Rat T-Shirt

Owned Store

Store Puppetu

Store Check

Puppet 10

Box Hand

Red Box

Mice Rats

Folkmanis Mice

Sales Free

Mice in Red Box at, a family-owned store. Check our sales & FREE Shipping.

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God S


Water Drops

Rain Drops

Animal Kingdom

Adorable Animals

Adorable Creatures

Spring Time

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Mouse Finger

Mini Finger

Mini Field

Boards Puppets

Mouse Mini

Folkmanis Puppets

Cute Rats

Field Mouse

Toy Store

Mini Field Mouse Finger Puppet at, a toy store featuring 3,000+ stuffed animals.

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Cute Pet Rat

Aww Rat

Cute Baby Rats

Adorable Rats

Adorable Balls

Aww 3

Black Rat

White Rat

Black And White


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Cagebreak! Rats Will Work To Free A Trapped Pal

Lil Rats

Awww Rats

The Rats

Rattastic Rats

Fuzzy Animals

Tiny Animals

1001 Animals 3

Rat Pet

Pet Rattus

rats <3 their cagemates. Seriously. Researchers at the University of Chicago have discovered that rats will altruistically and intentionally work to release cagemates held in a trap, and they'll do so even over the temptation of chocolate chips, and even when the rat would be released into a separate enclosure so they wouldn't get to play together.

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Mice Animals

Animals Creatures

Small Animals

Animals Animal

Pet Ratzzz

Pet Rats

Young Rat

Mice Rats Hamsters Cute

Space Hamsters

baby rat - squeeee

Pictures Of Rats « Rats as Pets

Mouse Micromys

House Mouse

Cute Mouse

Mouse Mus

Mouse Cuties

Wild Mouse

Mouse Stuff

Mouse Pack

Sweet Mouse


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Tiny Harvest

Harvest Mice

Harvest Mouse

Harvest Fest

Secret Life

The Secret

Mouse Balancing

Year Photographing

Marie Luce

Harvest Mouse

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Dumbo Rattie

Baby Dumbo

Dumbo Rats

Pet Rats

Pet Pet

Pet Mice

Awww Rats

Pet Rodents

Mice Mice


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