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On the playa at Black Rock!  BURNING MAN! #wheresrory

On the playa at Black Rock City!

“Prehistoric Forest” was a dinosaur-themed park that opened in 1963 in Onsted, Michigan. It was a popular tourist attraction mainly due to the huge collection of fiberglass dinosaur statues. Business died down in the ’90s for the park and they eventually closed the gates in 1999 and the dinosaurs were left to rot and be forgotten.

Abandoned Prehistoric Forest Amusement Park in Onsted, Michigan. Prehistoric Forest was an amusement park that opened in 1963 with fiberglass dinosaur statues. The park closed in

I will pin this every time I see it.

birthday balloons text message what a nice birthday message. I'm laughing way to hard at this

I laughed so hard I cried!

I literally stopped breathing for a few seconds because i was laughing so hard! I am the Moon Moon of people!

30 People From Infomercials Who Can't Do anything right. This may be my new favorite thing.

30 People From Infomercials Who Cant Do Anything Right. Takes a while to watch them all. But funniest thing ever. I love how all of them are white people, since white people cant do anything right

One of my most favorite Cake Wrecks; you know what it's supposed to be, but even Elmo is pleading "Help me!