stuff I should do with my kid before she's old

stuff I should do with my kid before she's old

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oh, Alice...

Alice down Rabbit hole by SutherlandArt on deviantART

SHUT.THE.FRONT.DOOR.Type in your algebra problem and this software shows you how to get the answer. I needed this in school!

Algebra.Help -- Calculators, Lessons, and Worksheets
  • Crystal Rose
    Crystal Rose

    I'm not sure they will have the solution to MY problems.

Make your own bouncy balls from scratch. Just borax and corn starch! This is a ridiculously cool science experiment.

Make a Bouncing Polymer Ball - Experiment with Polymers
  • 7letter Deborah
    7letter Deborah

    Be sure to check out Pinstrosity. I think they did an article on this.

  • Jessica Crews
    Jessica Crews

    I did this with a group of kids at my library, and while it made some goop that was slightly bouncy, it was nothing like the picture.

  • Deirdre Sangster-Miles
    Deirdre Sangster-Miles

    A bitter ditto to that.

  • Cailin Hayes
    Cailin Hayes

    It's a hoax, unfortunately.

  • Marsha Hudson
    Marsha Hudson

    I have done this many times with my class at school. It does work. It has to be exactly the right amount of Borax and corn starch, and you have to work it for awhile, and let it set up. But it is bouncy and cool. It does NOT look at ALL like the photo above, however. It is a lot like Silly Putty.

Chalk drawings fun idea with grandkids

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Beach balls painted to look like eyes put in a tree for Halloween

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  • Tiziana Morton
    Tiziana Morton

    I'm doing it!,,

  • Lizzie B
    Lizzie B

    my husband doesn't understand this at all...

  • Kristy Albury
    Kristy Albury

    i've done this!!!! But on a house and car and other things :)

  • Stacey S
    Stacey S

    Reminds me of My Neighbor Totoro

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52 Things I Love About you on cards! Cute cute idea! Totally doing for Valentines Day for Jeremy

52 Things I Love About You | visualheart | Postris
  • Mandy Rider
    Mandy Rider

    I made this for The Hubcap for Valentines Day.

  • Capt. Mick
    Capt. Mick

    He doesn't mind washing dishes? Does he have a brother?

  • Sara Santiago
    Sara Santiago

    I did this for my boyfriend a few months ago. I procrastinated and it wasn't quite finished in time, so our date that night was spent mod podging the little papers on. I heard, "Awww, thank you!" dozens of times. :)

Sharpie marker on wax paper looks like stained glass.

Sophie’s art | 2me4art
  • Tara Lindsay
    Tara Lindsay

    It's even prettier all over a child's hands and face!

  • Meredith Bennion
    Meredith Bennion

    I'd just spend my time sniffing the sharpies.

  • Ava Davis
    Ava Davis

    i;m going to try, i love abstract,and i've got the sharpies ,,cool, thanks

  • Ava Davis
    Ava Davis

    the more i look at it the more i like it, cheep entertaiment

  • Chris Welton
    Chris Welton

    It's not waxed paper. :) I just looked it up on the actual site and she says *not* to use waxed paper because it'll just wipe off.

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Brilliant Alice in Wonderland costume!

DIY Kids Costumes

I want this bed!

AT-AT Bed - 9GAG
  • Brandy Valentine Myers
    Brandy Valentine Myers

    Shannon Johnson I bet your boys would love one of these

  • Melanie Nicklin
    Melanie Nicklin

    James promised riley a space ship bed from mass effect, but that'll do

  • Leah

    So, how do I make this in a king size?

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Simple....only two ingredients. Looks too fun not to try!!

Tot Treasures: SLIME
  • Sarah Parsons
    Sarah Parsons

    I can vouch for this slime/goo recipe. It actually works, which is more than I can say about the other 3 recipes for slime/goo I;ve tried this summer with the kids.

finger weaving tutorial @clubchicacircle

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  • Lechelle Hendricks
    Lechelle Hendricks

    That there is an adorable little redhead giving the tutorial just made my heart grow two sizes today.

  • Carrie Davis
    Carrie Davis

    I did this all the time as a kid. I think I even used red/white/green yarn and used it as a Christmas tree garland.

  • Jerri Lyn
    Jerri Lyn

    This entertained me on an entire flight from Washington DC to Seattle when I was 12!

  • Melissa Boley
    Melissa Boley

    OMG I did this all the time as a kid. Drove my mom nuts with all the yarn around the house :)

  • Jen Gunn
    Jen Gunn

    I used to do this as a kid. I cannot remember how many bracelets I made. :)

Flower bun tutorial

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  • Susan Maxwell Schmidt
    Susan Maxwell Schmidt

    Okay, just tried this with one of my LongLocks sticks. In step 4, after she wraps the hair around the stick again she's rotating it clockwise about a quarter turn. In step 5 she then levers it up to the left top of her head. Then she takes the stick out AND tucks the remaining ponytail into the little tunnel created at the right, puts the stick in the tunnel after tucking the ponytail, pulls it down to 3 o'clock and pushes the hair stick through all the hair to hold it. My hair is hip length and I was able to do this easily. The trick is to wrap the hair around the stick more times if it is really long (and I would use two sticks to secure your long locks).

  • Sandy Rose
    Sandy Rose

    @Andrea Rose

  • Stephanie Farris
    Stephanie Farris

    Why does this look way more complicated than it probably is?

  • Emma Edwards
    Emma Edwards

    Donut/sock buns are easier if your hair is long enough, and they stay put better too.

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Heart garland

our daily obsessions: :: Valentine's Day - decor inspiration
  • Lisa Greaves
    Lisa Greaves

    Very cool. It took me forever to realize that the first stapled strips become the top of the first heart. Very clever.

  • Jodi Ryznar
    Jodi Ryznar


  • Kristin Riding
    Kristin Riding

    Thanks for the wonderful board Jenny - I'm going to be trying a bunch of these out with my daughter too. We made these awesome hearts tonight - what a fun little activity!

family tree!

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  • Amanda Lamb
    Amanda Lamb

    Laura Stuckey I could see you doing this!

  • Tati Sal
    Tati Sal

    LOVE it!!

wendy gold globes | Fab is Everyday Design.

Paper flowers

Mon carnet: valentine: paper flowers

Shadow puppets.

Ashley's Shadows
  • Sara Rylander
    Sara Rylander

    You guys are weird. First thing I thought was HOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • B e t h D e l a g r a n g e - H e l d e r m a n
    B e t h D e l a g r a n g e - H e l d e r m a n

    Nope. Thundercats here too.

  • Sara Rylander
    Sara Rylander

    No one remembers the Lionel saying, "Thundercats--HOOOOOOOO!" Anyone? Gah.

  • Sarah Darby
    Sarah Darby

    Sara, I got it! :)

  • Sara Mancini
    Sara Mancini

    Definitely first thought was Lion-O, "ThunderCats, HO!"

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Camp Mom! Activities to Make Summer Awesome for Everyone. I like that a lot of these activities involve the kids working together.

Camp Mom! 20 Activities to Make Summer Awesome for Everyone
  • Bridget McArthur
    Bridget McArthur

    At the end of every kids Bday I hosted, I had the kids play sit on the balloon game. They had a blast popping the balloons and then all we had to do was sweep up

  • Emily Kittelson
    Emily Kittelson

    @Bridget My mom had the sit on the balloon game at one of my birthday parties. I was the first one to play as I was the birthday girl. When it popped I screamed and ran crying to my bedroom. (But now I work at a booth for the Renaissance Festival where Balloons are popped all the time, sometimes while I am blowing them up, so at least I wasn't scarred for life)

i heart u card (try using a box cutter type knife to score the lines)


valentine's mobile

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Paper flower tutorial.

Heart of Light: Watercolor paper flowers
  • Jenn Kolovos
    Jenn Kolovos

    My husband and I are huge fans of your blog and he found this entry on your Good Mom/Bad Mom blog. He actually made these for me and our daughter. You've inspired my husband to be crafty! You are AMAZING! Thanks!

Champagne Chairs how-to

Craft Projects | Martha Stewart
  • Sherry Simmons
    Sherry Simmons

    These are a great way to remember special times!

  • Stephanie Marlin
    Stephanie Marlin

    I now have a good excuse to buy Champagne!

  • Susan Midlarsky
    Susan Midlarsky

    Heck, some beer bottles come with these too. :-)

  • Molly

    So clever!

Sock Bunny ^Holy crap that's cute! (The link is in Chinese, but the pictures are clear enough that words aren't needed.)

  • Rachael M
    Rachael M

    This is from a book called Stray Sock Sewing, which is definitely in English and explains all the stitches so someone who's never sewn a thing in their life could do it. And there are SO MANY OTHER sock creatures you can make, all equally adorable. I recommend the elephant.

  • Corinne Lowe
    Corinne Lowe

    If you open it through Google Chrome, you'll get an option across the top of the screen to have Google translate it. The translations aren't always perfect, but help fill in details for the times the photos don't cover it all.

  • Amy Pierce
    Amy Pierce

    It looks like a Totoro.

glue the buttons to a balloon & when the glue dries pop the balloon to make a button bowl.

Bonkers About Buttons: Knoop Button Bowl
  • Sarah Darby
    Sarah Darby

    Lizz her blog is hilarious and I'm going to follow it. As for the actual pin? Use something that will bond the buttons together not stick them to a film. So, no white or puzzle glue.

  • Della Dreher
    Della Dreher

    According to commenter, "My kids and I did this! Believe it or not we used Elmer's School Glue!! It dries clear. First we applied a VERY THIN layer to the balloon, stuck the buttons on the balloon, and allowed it to dry overnight. Then I took a sponge brush and applied an outer coat of glue to the buttons while still on the balloon. Allowed it to dry for 24 hours and then released the air from the balloon. Very fun to do with the kids :-) ENJOY!"

  • Lizz Gunn
    Lizz Gunn

    Oooh interesting, I'll show her that: Heather Wiegraffe

  • Mandi Gregory-Thompson
    Mandi Gregory-Thompson

    I am finding that a lot of pins are a bunch of bunk. I started a blog about trying out pins, and definitely have some fails.

  • Ross Therrien ,R.E. Broker
    Ross Therrien ,R.E. Broker

    Very cool but what do you do with it when its done?

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