..cute idea.

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Home made easter eggs

I remember doing this as a kid! Easter Eggs wrap a balloon with string, roll it around in the liquid starch. After you have Easter Eggs.soaked the balloon put the balloon on a cup and let it dry overnight. Pop the balloon and you have your egg!

Easter Bunny Napkin

Bunny Fold for Napkins

Bunny fold for napkins - easter rabbit shaped napkins are a festive detail for the holiday table and they require only a few simple folds. How to make the bunny napkin fold. www.

Watermellon Rabbit How To: www.watermelon.or...  (and TONS of other carvings too!)

Easter bunny watermelon fruit display, This is freaking awesome! My typical fruit basket is better, but this is nice :)


Clover and Eggs Basket-- Clover and Eggs Basket--This fanciful green meadow vignette seems a fitting home for a chocolate bunny. Martha Stewart This fanciful green meadow vignette seems a fitting home for a chocolate bunny.


Easter Centerpiece with a Twist - Instead of the usual floral arrangement, add another traditional Easter item to the mix. Dyed Easter eggs can add a whimsical touch to your holiday centerpiece.

Cinnamon Bunny Bread Recipe

Cinnamon bunny bread Recipe from These fun bunny-shaped rolls are made with a rich yeast dough and perfect for an Easter brunch. Enlist family members to help roll the dough into balls to shape into bunnies.

Easter Wreath Bunny Wreath Spring Wreath

Easter Wreath - Bunny Wreath - Spring Wreath - Easter Decoration - This is seriously the best Easter decoration I have found.

how to make hydrangea covered Easter eggs! so pretty!

Hydrangea Covered Easter Egg - using a large plastic egg, silk flowers & hot glue. Use any shape for a non-season specific decoration.

i cant wait until Easter!!!

Use your favorite Deviled Egg recipe, with this cute Easter themed twist! Deviled Easter Egg Chicks are a great way to get kids to try Deviled Eggs!