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Favorite Sausage Recipes

Favorite Sausage Recipes

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Pork & Stilton sausages are a fantastic combination (one that we have a variant of with our own cheese bratwurst). But what makes this dish stand out spectacularly is the apple and plum relish. Apple, stilton, plum and pork - phenomenal. Recipe link:

This isn't a recipe but it's a delicious sauce designed to complement bratwursts and sausages in any number of recipes. Gypsy Sauce is made from bell peppers giving a tangy peppery edge to any sausage dish. Can be bought from The Bratwurst, 38 Berwick Street, Soho, London (www.the-bratwurst...)

Sausages and grapes? Savoury and sweet. Add some caramelised onion and wash down with a full-bodied Syrah from Cotes-Du-Rhone (Les Pallieres from Gigondas as a suggestion). Recipe link:

Toad in the hole is a British classic. Chunky sausages entombed in Yorkshire pudding-style batter and drowned in onion gravy. Unbelievable. Recipe link:

Toad in the hole in 4 easy steps

Sticky sausage wraps. Parcels of porcine heaven. The BBC website sums it up by saying: "turn an ordinary banger into something special". Special indeed, but make it extraordinary with a sausage made with the best ingredients and a little love and care. Recipe link:

Sticky sausage wraps

Sausage linguine! The best of both worlds - pasta and a little porker or two. Not one for the waistline but show me a person who doesn't like this and I'll show you a....err....vegetarian! What's superb about this dish is that it's a quick one to make. Here's the recipe link:

Creamy sausage & rocket linguine

OK, this is one of our very own suggestions........ Currywurst is a German national dish invented in 1949 in Berlin. The currywurst is a bratwurst sausage chopped into bite size pieces, covered with a warm, thick curry sauce and dusted with a secret 'golden powder' (you can use madras or korma powder at home). We like it served best with crispy chips and a dab of German mustard. If Carlsberg did sausage recipes, this would be the one! www.the-bratwurst....

Another great recipe from Supreme Sausages in Chalgrove, Oxfordshire. Perfect for cold, wintery early March days......I dare anyone to come off a football pitch and not devour two platefuls of this gem of a dish. Link to recipe:

This is an excellent recipe from Oxfordshire's Supreme Sausages - venison & mushroom sausages in red wine. Here's the recipe link: What I like about Supreme Sausages (based in Chalgrove) is their emphasis on authentic ingredients, natural sausage casing and even the hand linking of the little porkers.