Floating Ladle

I have needed one of these for years. No more fishing out the ladle from the bottom of the bowl. A Floating Ladle. The ball in the handle makes the ladle buoyant in water. A brilliant solution to a common problem.

I could eat a horse!  Spaghetti measuring tool. Small, adult and family portion. $15

Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson designed this creative Spaghetti measuring tool called ‘I could eat a Horse.’ The Kitchen tool allows you to measure the exact quantity of pasta you will need considering, how hungry you are and how many people are going to eat.

Chicago Metallic Non-Stick 9-Inch Split Decision Pie Pan

Split Decision Pie Pan - Always arguing over family holidays with which pie to make everyone for dessert? Argue no more with the Split Decision Pie Pan, and make both of them! Peach and Cherry, Apple and Pumpkin: everyone will be happy!

Burger Press // makes perfectly round burgers, adjustable for different sizes #product_design

Burger Press // makes perfectly round burgers, adjustable for different sizes…

Matroyshka Measuring cups (M-cups)

M-cups Measuring Cups are matryoshka doll measuring cups that works Great as a gift. Buy M-cups Measuring Cups at the Best Price and Service in Australia.

Food Network Glass Bottom Springform Pan

A glass bottom springform pan! How am I just now discovering this?

French Rolling Pin

Food Network at Kohl's - This Food Network French rolling pin features solid beech wood construction and a tapered design for durable, easy use. Style number Shop our full line of Food Network at Kohl's.

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