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crafty wunderkind

crafty wunderkind

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I probably won't make these. But they're cute!

Minecraft Creeper Quilt Top. if I show this to the boys, they'll chain me to my sewing machine.

we could do this in our craft space!

vegetable illustrations by Rachel Khoo. my 10-year-old and I are going to start drawing together; this is good for a guide!

Paris for vegetarians | Rachel Khoo

one year I'm going to make a boardmas tree.

Bird Feeders from Oranges. these would be sweet to put on the Christmas tree my parents planted outside their cottage!

after reviewing the catalog of book trees on Pinterest, I think this is the one. here goes.

  • Sarah Gilbert
    Sarah Gilbert

    edited to add: our book tree looks nothing like this. NOTHING. shooot.

DIY Holiday Kids Craft - cute Christmas tree on brown paper

Kate from Wildwood made this. it's so so amazing.

perfect craft for the rangers apprentice.

Print on wax paper and then transfer it directly to wood. great for a project with the boys.

coloring pages that are way better than you can get at Walgreens. ♥

what a great shower theme concept! I'm planning (or planning to plan) a shower for my new sister-in-law, who I don't know very well. A book theme would be a way of creating a party that has an involved planner who is not a long-time friend :) books I'd use, to start: -- Corduroy yes! -- Spaghetti Park -- Let's Make Rabbits -- Swimmy -- 10 Minutes 'til Bedtime! -- Grow Vegetable Soup other ideas?

  • Lorraine Platt-koprivnak
    Lorraine Platt-koprivnak

    Love you forever

our carrot garland. remaking a pin. see more, here: aestheticoutburst...

Love these. We've done crayon patties befor, but not with a mother earth theme! Earth Day Recycled Crayons

making a carrot garland with the boys. see more, here: aestheticoutburst... (we like this version better than the original here: )

super pretty nests. we could make these with felted sweater scraps.

love this! I've been having trouble finding the color/size of chalk i want for my chalk poetry wall; I'll use this recipe: Homemade Pavement Chalk by minieco

I have so many scraps. Monroe is so obsessed with cutting. I see a mother-son art project in our future.

my boys would dig this project. and it would work with already-tawny brown eggs!

  • Janine Eckhart
    Janine Eckhart


flower stamps from celery hearts. of course, i have to wait 'til summer for this one...

in which I give you my recipe for powerup valentines

make your own chalkboard paint in any color/quantity you want. (sorry people: chalkboard paint is NOT over! :)

this free pattern for stuffed fawn will help feed my boys' insatiable appetite for stuffed things. at the thrift store this weekend, everett: 'that looks like something mom would make!' love ya :)

another pinterest i'm going to do. today! or maybe tomorrow. a great use for those super-thick felted sweaters.