Pie iron calzones

Pie Iron Recipe #5: Calzones

Use Klosterman Bread to satisfy your craving for calzones on your next camping trip with this delicious Pie Iron Calzone recipe!

Pizza in a pie iron

Camping Recipe–Pie Iron Pizza

Camping Recipe - Pie Iron Pizza I NEED a couple of those pie irons!

Pizza campfire pies

Campfire Pies~ Summer Campout Fun For Kids

41 Genius Camping Hacks You'll Wish You Thought Of Sooner - make pizza in a pie iron with biscuit dough

Pie Iron Pizza Calzone

Pie Iron Recipes: Philly Cheese Steak Quesadilla - Beyond The Tent

Camp Cooker Pizza (7)_thumb

Camp Cooker Pizza

Use "pudgie pie makers" to make pizza! Will bring homemade dough instead of "pop" dough though.

Caprese hobo pie

Fry Pies - Cooking over a fire with a pie iron - use your imagination!

Hobo pie pizza

Hobo Pie Pizza!

Make pizza pies inside-with a griddle!

Pizza mountain pies

Make Campfire Pizza Pies

assemble pizza mountain pie Make Campfire Pizza Pies

Pizza magpies

AKA HOBO Pies #camping

Magpies are one of my favorite meals while camping. You may call them HOBO pies, but whatever you call them, they are delicious! Enjoy these pizza magpies!

Pie Iron Pizza

Camping at Bow Valley Campground and making Pie Iron Pizzas.

GalloLea Camping Calzone | WNC Magazine

GalloLea Camping Calzone | WNC Magazine

Pepperoni, mushroom & onion pizza pudgy pie

My husband and I went on our first true camping trip this weekend. We've "camped" one other time during a road trip in northern California, .

Pie iron pizzas with all the fixin's

Summer is unofficially here! Later this summer we’ll be camping with another family. They have two kids, so I thought it would be fun to make pie iron pizzas.

Pie iron pizza with sausage & olives

A Little Taste of Camping from the Fireplace

Pie iron pizza with sausage & olives

Pizza Toas-Tite

There’s nothing quite like a great piece of pizza. So of course we had to try out a Toas-Tite with pizza dough, making a toasty calzone…