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This abstract watercolor tattoo was inked by California’s Marc Durrant. #InkedMagazine #watercolor #abstract #tattoo #tattoos #Inked #Ink #back

Looking at the current trend among men and women to get such tattoos inked, I have dedicated today's post that showcases water color tattoo ideas that.

japanese style!

Kimonos and cats are simply two things that are definitely popular in Japan, so it was probably inevitable that they'd eventually collide to form one super-kawaii perfect storm – cats IN kimonos. Kimonos are actually traditional

I found your cats' costumes!

Sushi Cats (originally branded as Neko-Sushi) is a series of photographs created by the Japan-based company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts. In this series the creators have dressed up a number of cats and placed them on top of oversized balls of sushi .