Christmas Rice Krispie Treats

Christmas Rice Krispie Treat Ideas

Perfect and easy treats Enjoy inspiration from 10 fun and festive Christmas Rice Krispie Treat ideas.

Strawberry Christmas Treats

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Tree--I just may try this in green white chocolate. I know how much Rebecca likes chocolate covered strawberry

Reindeer Cupcakes from With Sprinkles on Top. Too cute!

A Cute and Festive Dessert Idea: Reindeer Cupcakes

Reindeer Cupcake This is another cool cupcake idea which goes with the season. a Reindeer Cupcake design . It's not hard to get do.

Marshmallow Reindeer

Marshmallow Reindeer

These marshmallow reindeer from 20 Minute Supper Club are TOO cute! (And super easy to make! Kool for da Kidz

A warm breakfast for a cold day will always hit the spot. Try these snowman pancakes, the kids will love 'em!

5 Pick-Me-Ups for Dreary Winter Days — Roundup

Snowman pancakes with bacon scarf and marshmellow snowballs - fun snow day breakfast

Make snowman pizza on a cold winters night!

make snowman pizza on Christmas movie night! Thanks for the idea for our Christmas countdown! :) Arroyo lets make this for our day before Christmas Eve movie night.

A wrapped empty box (left open) for Christmas morning trash, (This would also bee good for birthday party, or baby shower) It's way nicer looking than a trash bag, (especially in photos!)

A wrapped empty box (left open) for Christmas morning trash. You see the box instead of a big garbage bag in pics. A wrapped empty box (left open) for Christmas…