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37 Thoughts I had about #SufferTheChildren | The Cultural Hall #TCH #handbookchanges

Behind the scenes of LDS General Conference - I've always wondered about the meal between sessions. :)

Elder Perry’s Last Advice to Church Members. “[I wish I] could get every member of the Church to go and partake of the sacrament, and when they took the bread, they’d ask themselves, ‘Who am I? What am I doing? How am I living? Where am I going? What should I be accomplishing?’ as they renew their covenants with the Lord.” He finished, “The minute they’d pick up the bread, something [would] happen.”

#anyopposed 5 hands among thousands mark rare votes of dissent during LDS Church’s General Conference | link to interview with 3 who opposed. #theCulturalHall #LDSConf #SatPMsess #april2015

Saturday Morning LDS General Conference | Deseret News summaries #TheCulturalHall #LDSConf #april2015 #ldsquotes

At the Vatican, President Eyring says family proclamation key to 'renaissance of happy marriages' | Deseret News

LOVE the idea of nametag and picture. So kids can be reminded that dad was a missionary.

#sharegoodness talk from Elder David A. Bednar "Social media gives us a way to share simple messages of goodness and truth." #LDS #socialmedia #BYUeducationweek2014

Tickets available for Ogden LDS temple open house.

Joanna Brooks' presentation, March 22, 2014, Mormonism and Asia Conference, Berkeley, CA

Kate Kelly threatened with


Passover, a holiday for all, starts with a blood-red moon | Deseret News

The Evolution of LDS General Conference

General Conference: Facts & Figures

Mormon temple video

Mormon leaders announce effort to unite LDS women across the globe

What we wish we'd known before we served a Mormon mission | Deseret News

Make Your Own Dog Medical Kit

183rd Annual General Conference talk summaries | Deseret News

History was made at #LDS #GeneralConference when the first recorded "fist bump" was photographed of Elder Bednar and Elder L. Tom Perry (via Salt Lake Tribune). #ldsconf #fistbump #wondertwinpowers

The Cultural Hall: Articles of News 3.18.13 Honduras Temple Dedicated Mormons and China Website Family History Courses Nauvoo Exodus This is not a flash mob, but it is kinda creepy Mormon-owned soccer team LDS Bible Video Series Cousins to the same mission First Presidency to the Pope Baptisms for the dead in St. Paul’s Cathedral? Read more & listen to podcast

The Cultural Hall: Articles of News 2.4.13

LDS ad in Playbill magazine.

The Cultural Hall: Articles of News 8.13.12 follow-up: Waldie Family Mega Wedding day photos (by Five siblings, one amazing wedding day. All 5 siblings choose to share their big day and be sealed with their special one in the Mesa, AZ Temple.