Climate Vulnerable Forum

Climate Vulnerable Forum

The Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) is an international partnership of countries highly vulnerable to a warming planet.
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G20 must follow vulnerable countries' lead on climate action "Vulnerable nations see the 1.5°C target as a development opportunity rather than a threat. The Forum recently co-published a report with the UNDP which clearly shows how striving for 1.5°C actually triggers economic growth, creates jobs, improves energy access and public health and helps minimize critical climate risks." | via German Watch Read more at:

Legarda Renews Call to Limit Global Warming to 1.5°C, Urges LGUs to Adopt Goal "The Senator explained that the Philippines led the call for the 1.5°C limit on behalf of more than 40 developing countries of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF). “The 1.5°C limit is part of our call for climate justice."" | via Loren Legarda #1o5C #ClimateChange #Philippines Read more at:

The irreversible rise of the clean economy in 2017 "By the close of COP22 in Marrakesh in November, the 48 country members of the Climate Vulnerable Forum committed to 100 percent renewable energy, reflecting corporate ambition to do the same — as demonstrated by companies such as General Motors and Walmart joining the RE100 initiative." | via GreenBiz #CleanEconomy #TheCVF #RenewableEnergy #Go100RE Read more at:

Next two years key in cementing global response to climate change "The Climate Vulnerable Forum of more than 40 nations issued a Marrakesh Vision, committing themselves to ambitious aims, including 100 per cent renewable energy between 2030 and 2050." | Patricia Espinosa via Gulf News #ClimateChange #COP22 #TheCVF #Go100RE Read more at:

World’s poorest urge G20 to make long-term climate plans "Put your money where your mouth is. That’s the demand from a coalition of 43 of the poorest and most climate vulnerable countries ahead of July’s G20 summit in Hamburg." | via Climate Home #1o5C #ClimateFinance #G20 #V20Group Read more at:

Strong moral leadership is needed to combat populist tide "In Marrakesh, I was very impressed by the Climate Vulnerable Forum: a group of 48 countries that are among the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and most committed to leading a rapid transformation in their own countries to carbon-neutral, climate resilient economies." - Mary Robinson | via The Financial Times #TheCVF #ClimateChange Read more at:

Strides towards 100% renewable energy at COP22 "Now, at the end of the November 2016 conference in Marrakech, we are encouraged to see that 48 climate vulnerable countries showed great leadership and made bold commitments to power themselves entirely on renewable energy as rapidly as possible, while ending energy poverty" | via Hivos #RenewableEnergy #TheCVF #COP22 Read more at:

Morocco on track to achieve ambitious renewable plan "A high-level official delegation from Morocco will travel to Abu Dhabi to attend the World Future Energy Summit... as the North African nation moves to generate 100 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources. As host of the COP22 climate change conference in November, Morocco was one of 48 nations in the Climate Vulnerable Forum to commit to reaching 100 per cent as ‘rapidly as possible’." | via Trade Arabia Read more at…

From Paris to Marrakesh and beyond: The Lebanese path to climate action "Lebanon became a member of the Climate Vulnerable Forum, a platform for vulnerable developing countries to drive ambition to avoid average global temperatures going beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius, to have one common voice in international negotiations and to share lessons learned on mitigation and adaptation." | via The Executive Magazine Read more at…

Reassured optimism trumped US leadership worries at COP22 "Carbon finance is still a key funding mechanism for many low-carbon projects, and there was no shortage of opportunities at COP22. Perhaps the best example was the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), a group of 47 climate-vulnerable countries who at COP22 committed to 100% renewable energy “as soon as possible”." | via Carbon Pulse #COP22 #100RE #TheCVF Read more at: