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Sharapova suffers medical emergency after quitting drug

A majority of registered Democrats who have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump would actually support the controversial Republican frontrunner in a general election if he simply changed his campaign slogan to something less brash.

A political scientist has successfully crossed presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to create what experts are calling “the perfect, unstoppable freak.”

Donald Trump’s campaign is frantically trying to lure back supporters after the presidential candidate tweeted a photo of a kitten snuggling with a fawn.

Left-leaning fashionistas are going crazy for the hottest new accessory, a free undergarment called the Bernie Bra.

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Saying that spending time on the campaign trail was “super fun” and that he learned a lot about “politics and stuff,” South Florida student Marco Rubio has returned to high school to complete his senior year.

Secret Service agents were surprised on Tuesday to find former Cuban president Fidel Castro hiding in a suitcase belonging to first lady Michelle Obama, who was due to leave Cuba with her husband after a three-day visit to the island nation.

PYONGYANG -- Interest in the size of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is growing after the regime’s state-run news agency released a video on Tuesday showing leader Kim Jong Un playing with a tiny missile purportedly fitted with a miniature nuclear tip.

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