Fisher Price Record Player

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1970S Toys | 1970s toys-06 - I loved my Simon game. The Merlin was pretty fun too!- #vintagetoys #toys60sAnd70s

1970s toys-06 -

1970's toys | Vintage 1970's Fuzzy Sticker Toy for Home of ... | Old toys I used to ...

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110 camera

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Do you remember this?

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I remember these.



Monchhichi Costumes

Rubik's Snake

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Critter Sitters - loved them! I mademy slam book in a bigger size CritterSitters

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I loooooooooooooved these!!!

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1970's Mego Micronauts Repto Action Figure by gregg_koenig, via Flickr

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Mattel Suckerman

1980 Mattel Catalog I Monster Toys I

Micronauts "Repto" with Glow in the Dark Brain!

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Old fashioned hard candy, the kind your grandma would find in the bottom of her purse just for you! Always a bit fuzzy but good! Lol

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Puffy Stickers <3 SMURFS~my ultimate favorite out of my sticker collection~I was a TOTAL STICKER & STICKER BOOK FREAK~It was a plain old sticky page photo album~the old school kind~then you would get together with a friend, and trade stickers~I loved this part of my childhood~

memories of a 70's baby!

Trapper Keepers

Trapper Keepers on Like Totally 80s

Vintage KANGAROOS ROOS Tennis Shoes W/POCKET-elementary school. Stores 10 cents in pocket for cookie day

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Hostess fruit pies

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vintage paper treat bag

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Christina-is this what it looked like? Fun Chicken vending machine | FUN CHICKEN Egg Vending Machine - a photo on Flickriver

Nostalgia Time: Revisiting The Past

Every Sunday Night.

Dartman's World Of Wonder: September 2009

Fisher Price School Desk

I'm Remembering!

We are the World

Hot SodaHead Questions: Generous Celebrity