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Add more steps to your day with our 30-Day Walking Challenge! It's great for beginners and non-beginners alike! Get motivated & get moving! #Walking #Plan #Healthy #Diet #TheDoctors #Exercise #Challenge #30Day

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How to tell the difference between a muscle pain and a far more serious heart pain.

Muscle Pain or Heart Pain?

Learn if bulking up by drinking a gallon of milk a day is a good idea.

Bulking Up with Milk?

With a million and a half followers on Instagram, Jen is known for having “The Best Butt on Instagram!” She shares her secrets for sculpting a shapely booty.

World’s Best Butt?

Is your “downward dog” looking to get down and dirty? The Doctors get frank about yoga in the buff!

Naked Co-Ed Yoga?!

The average American gains three to five pounds over the holidays! Military specialist Kevin and wife Kathryn, an executive producer's assistant with The Doctors, enjoy working out together and cooking fresh foods. They turn to The Doctors to help them make sure that holiday stress won't derail their healthy lifestyles.

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Chris, a police officer, fell while running full speed after a suspect. Since the accident, Chris has gained 30 pounds and the weight gain is hampering his recovery. Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Ian Smith helps get Chris back in shape. And, what surprises does Dr. Ian have in store that could change this police officer's life forever?

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The Facts of Life’s Lisa Whelchel shares tips from Lisa Whelchel's Everyday Workout for the Everyday Woman, a DVD geared toward making exercise enjoyable for the working mom.

Lisa Whelchel’s Fitness Tips

Will has tried everything to turn his four-pack into a six-pack! He asks Dr. Travis Stork for tips on how to get his abdomen in even better shape. But will he be surprised by Dr. Travis' answer?

Secrets to Six-Pack Abs!

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shows one woman how roller therapy can help with her leg pain.

Treating IT Band Pain

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork offers tips to lower blood pressure without medication.

Treating High Blood Pressure without Medication

Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock is breaking boxoffice records with her smash movie, Gravity, but her performance isn’t the only thing that is out of this world. Sandra’s amazing body and in particular, her thighs, have wowed audiences. What’s Sandra’s secret?

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A truly dreamy derriere takes hard work and discipline. The Doctors, and personal trainer Brian Nguyen, offer up five booty-boosting workouts so you can get moving, get strong and get sexy!

5 Tips to Tighten Your Tush

Personal trainer D'Mario shares three core-strengthening exercises to flatten your belly.

3 Flat Belly Exercises

Dr. Ian K. Smith describes the best workout for burning fat.

Best Fat-Burning Workouts

Share your favorite fitness tip from The Doctors with #DrsTop6!

Top 6 At-Home Workouts

Fitness and lifestyle consultant Ashley Borden demonstrates the best at-home exercises to tighten flabby arms.

At-Home Tips to Firm Flabby Arms

See how OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson begins her typical morning... with tea time and target practice!

Dr. Lisa’s Morning Routine

Fitness at 50: Protect your joints. As we grow older, our bodies change and so do our fitness needs. Get tips to stay in shape in your 50s.

Fitness at 50: Protect Your Joints

Fitness at 30: Get out of your cardio rut. As we grow older, our bodies change and so do our fitness needs. Get tips to stay in shape in your 30s.

Fitness at 30: Escape Your Cardio Rut

Fitness at 40: Add weight to your walks. As we grow older, our bodies change and so do our fitness needs. Get tips for staying in shape in your 40s.

Fitness at 40: Add Weight to Your Walks

Wello is a two-way video program that allows users to workout live with certified trainers anywhere at any time.

Personal Training With Two-Way Video

The BMR Lift series contracts your muscles electronically to tone trouble areas.

Electric Muscle Stimulator Toning Tool

Learn about the benefits of having a therapist walk all over you, and why you shouldn't try this at home.

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Hanging upside down could be good for your health. Find out how to flip your health in a new direction with an Evolution Health BodyLift.

Is Hanging Upside Down Good for Your Health?