Beautiful acrylic painting

Music: Art Nouveau Witch "Mezzo Goddess - We Sing Our Dreams into Being," a print of the original acrylic painting by Emily Balivet,

Nature's Embrace  - Josephine Wall - Inglesa -

Nature's Embrace by Josephine Wall. On a magical twilight night, high above…

Spirit of winter

Spirit of Winter by Josephine Wall. I hope you enjoy Fairyland. You will find all of the inhabitants of Fairyland by clicking on the image.

Minerva's Melody As the goddess Minerva glides gently down the eternal river of life, leaving her heavenly citadel in her wake, she sets about her task of composing beautiful music. She is accompanied by her constant companion, and confidant - the 'owl of wisdom'.Together they travel throughout the world bringing the magic of her melodies to all. Arum lilies bearing candles light their way, and illuminate the wisteria growing from her enchanted harp.

There are 8 basic mystical festivals that have been celebrated around the world for thousands of years.

Josephine Wall

My Lady Unicorn - Josephine Wall- reminds me of Witch from the Black jewels trilogy

.:.Tree of Wonders by Josephine Wall.:. Once in a while I feel compelled to paint surrealistic collections of images. When I am in the mood I never quite know what the eventual composition will be and sometimes I am surprised at the outcome.In this painting I have placed a collection of beautiful and fascinating objects amongst the branches of a tree. 'Herne' is depicted in what is actually the doorway of the cottage where I live. Complete with eyebrow window and lamp. There are many faces…

Tree of wonders - Josephine Wall (born is a popular English fantasy artist.

Millenium Tree by Josephine Wall

Josephine Wall creates some of the most beautiful surreal fantasy art around. "Millenium Tree (Tree of Peace)"