Up Helly Aa weekend!! :)

Funny pictures about How my weekends usually go. Oh, and cool pics about How my weekends usually go. Also, How my weekends usually go.

when it's time for a nap - one must nap

I'll just hang here for a minute

Oh my goshhhh..I'm dying.its too funny!!

When Dad gets Bored. When dad gets bored, no one is spared! Although we do adore those googly eyes!


Some very crazy pictures all around the world make us giggle and laugh. These pictures cover some funny incidents or amazing clicks at right time.

Christmas tree snack board: yummy!

Festive Cabot Cheddar Tree

for Christmas Eve - kids can do it. Festive Christmas Tree Cheese Board and fruit display! Love this for a holiday party or family get together or Christmas dinner!

gingers do have souls!

GINGER IS AWESOME. I love gingers. If you're a ginger, we can almost positively be friends. If I just randomly met you. And you were nice. And not a creepy stalker that saw me write this then dyed your hair red. But yeah. They're cool.

{Peggy the wombat + Anzac the joey} orphaned, but now pouch mates - ridiculously cute!

An orphaned kangaroo and wombat have found creature comfort with one another. Anzac the joey and Peggy the wombat have become best friends after sharing a pouch together at the Wildlife Kilmore Rescue Centre in Victoria, Australia (Picture: Rex)

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