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Nobody likes to sleep in a hot bed. Luckily, this fan will circulate air from underneath your bed so you never have to sweat while you sleep again.

I want this-no, I neeeeed this so badly! The Bed Fan delivers a cool breeze between the sheets—without AC costs, and without disturbing your partner. This would be good for those hot flashes at night too.

new starbucks frapp

cookie straw - In addition to offering a s’mores frappuccino for a limited time, Starbucks will also be serving the iced coffee beverage with a cookie straw.

health issues relating to edison student playing in certain sports

"We just finished our second child's braces. DeHaan waited appropriately to begin treatment, and I was very happy for that. I love the staff.always pleasant!" Robyn C. Call us at

new movies

It's good to see famous celebrities care about childhood cancer. GO IRON MAN!