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Writers Reading

It's like I tell my writing design students, there are two rules. Writers write. Writers read. So why does it feel like I've turned over a stone? What is this guilty pleasure in watching a writer read?
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Kenneth Elton 'Ken' Kesey reading on the go

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William Butler Yeats reading at home

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Colin Henry Wilson reads on Hampstead Heath, 1956

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Dora Jessie Saint, known as Miss Read, photographed by Mark Gerson in 1973

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Patti Smith, Reader & Writer

Poet and songwriter Patricia Lee 'Patti' Smith reading outside.

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Ernest Miller Hemingway enjoying cafe culture at Le Deux Magots, Paris

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Paulo Coehlo picks up a penguin

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Erich Maria (Paul Remark) Remarque at his Swiss villa in Port Ronco

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Edith Louisa Sitwell

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A young Yasunari Kawabata works through his tea break

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