Crochet Puff Braid Entrelac Blanket Free Pattern Video - Crochet Block Blanket Free Patterns

Crochet Block Blanket Free Patterns

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This crochet curly cue sampler is perfect for figuring out how to make the perfect curl for your project. See how a single stitch can make a big difference! |

Crochet Curly Cue Sampler - How to Choose the Best Curl

Recently I posted a cute pattern for the Giant Octopus amigurumi - you had to make a bunch of crocheted curls in that pattern. I then found this great resource over at - a crocheted curly cue sampler - how to choose the best curl.

Crochet flower garland with beads, video tutorial. GREAT video for adding beads/flowers to crochet. I NEED THIS. LD

crochet flower garland with beads, video tutorial - crafts ideas - crafts for kids.Increase the thickness of the thread & beads maybe

25 FREE! crochet patterns

25 Free Flower Crochet Patterns

25 Free Flower Crochet Patterns from daisy cottage designs - lots of brilliant free patterns etc.

How to decrease crochet stitches. I NEED this! LD

Decrease Crochet Tutorials: Single, Half-Double & Double Crochet

DECREASE TUTORIAL - Learn how to decrease crochet without any holes in your work. We have tutorials for single crochet, half-double crochet and double crochet decreases.

Crochet curly q's

You want a crochet curly cue, but you don't which pattern will give you the perfect curl. See the pattern differences in this reference sampler.

Stitchy Nesting Dolls Matryoshka Pattern - Are you ready for our crochet along? I am super excited to work up these cute little nesting dolls! This week we're going to work on the large doll. If you missed the supplies list from last week, you can click here to find it. If you need a reference for the stitch abbreviations, you can click here for my Crochet Abbreviations Chart. Let's get started!

Nesting Dolls CAL: Matryoshka Pattern 1 – Large Doll

Tutorial: Crocheted Jogless Stripes | NeedleNoodles: Crochet Patterns, Knit Patterns, Amigurumi Awesomeness

A common problem in amigurumi: you want to crochet something striped, but there's this funky looking stairstep "seam" running diagonally where you change colors.