Marion van den Blik

Marion van den Blik

I love Betjeman & Barton tea! And cups! And teapots! And teatins! And everything else to do with tea!
Marion van den Blik
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Ann Linnemann Keramiek met hout

beautiful coffee/tea set designed by dansk ceramic designer ann lindemann. i am so adoring the twig handle on the pot with the elegant branch spout. the nested bowl set is also making my face go into auto-pilot of puckered lips.

Ulla Procope GA teapot Finland Arabia 1955

teapot designed by Ulla Procope, for Arabia, Finland. Cherish mine bought with some of my birthday money so

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Papieren thee servies Margo Slingerland

“An Imaginary Cup Of Tea’, paper sculptures by Margot Slingerland… Jorine Oosterhoff…. Circus Violet by Camilla Engman