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The Shining behind the scenes photos

The Shining behind the scenes photos

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Behind the scenes for The Shining -

In the snow

The maze


Stanley Kubrick, with a rare smile, works with Steadicam Operator Garrett Brown on the exterior Hedge Maze set of The Shining.

Cast and crew

Filming The Shining

Stanley Kubrick films a shot on the Gold Room Bar set of The Shining as his daughter, Vivian, shoots her documentary on the making of the film.

Never-before-published photo of actor Jack Nicholson and Grip Dennis Lewis on the Staff Wing set of The Shining. (photo courtesy Prop Store)

Never-before-published photo of Stanley Kubrick and Assistant Director Brian Cook on the set of The Shining. (photo courtesy Prop Store)

Steadicam operator Ray Andrew on the set of The Shining. Andrew stepped in to replace Garrett Brown for one month during production, while Brown fulfilled a previous commitment to operate Steadicam on Rocky II.  In this photo, Andrew is sitting in a specially modified wheelchair that was used for many shots on the film, including the shots following Danny racing around the Overlook on his Big Wheel.

Steadicam operator Ray Andrew on the set of The... - the-overlook-hotel

Director Stanley Kubrick rehearses a scene with actors Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall on the Colorado Lounge set of The Shining.

Stanley Kubrick’s longtime personal assistant Emilio D’Alessandro poses behind a model of the The Shining’s massive Colorado Lounge set. These models were used to work out layout and scale issues, as well as to conduct early lighting tests before the actual sets were built. (photo courtesy Filippo Ulivieri, who has written an Italian biography of Emilio D’Alessandro)

The Overlook Hotel — Director Stanley Kubrick lines up a shot of actors...

Polaroids shot by Continuity Supervisor June Randall during production of The Shining, including images of actors Norman Gay, Shelley Duvall, and Scatman Crothers. These black-and-white photos were shot throughout filming to notate positions of props, set dressing, and states of costumes.

Director Stanley Kubrick on the Hedge Maze set of The Shining, flanked by Director of Photography John Alcott, Focus Assistant Douglas Milsome, and an unidentified crew member.

Preparing to film actors Shelley Duvall and Danny Lloyd on the daytime exterior Hedge Maze set of The Shining at MGM Esltree Studios. Director Stanley Kubrick watches as a slate is held in front of Steadicam operator Garrett Brown.

FIlming The Shining





Actor Jack Nicholson and Director Stanley Kubrick review material on a video monitor on the Lobby set of The Shining. Actor Scatman Crothers (or his stand-in) stands in the background.

Actor Jack Nicholson and Director Stanley Kubrick... - the-overlook-hotel


On set

  • Ben Lariviere Photography
    Ben Lariviere Photography

    Definitely no smoking, Shelly.