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Fiber Optics: Worth Reading

The FOA is constantly reading about what is going on in the fiber world. Here are some interesting articles/news that we would like to share.
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Can anyone keep us safe from a weaponized ‘Internet of Things?’

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AT&T wants to make every telephone pole an ultra-fast wireless hotspot

AT&T proposes to use WFii on utility poles to expand broadband. Sounds like they want to daisy-chain wireless repeaters.

Why Google Fiber Would Be a Tough Sale - TheStreet: An article from the investment point of view and Google Fiber did not comment on it.

NIMBY makes tech community look like luddites

Sticklers solution is a cleaning fluid that is conductive and prevents static. Used with their cleaning tools, it reduces the static problem and helps ensure clean connectors.

Google Fiber Acquires ISP That Does WiFi As Well As FTTH

Britain’s broken broadband

UK Prime Minister Theresa May this week felt the need to weigh in on the Digital Britain debate It’s just not right, for example, that half of people living in rural areas, and so many small businesses, can’t get a decent broadband connection.

The Highest-Tech Stadium in Sports Is Pretty Much a Giant Tesla