3 examples of legible and expressive typography

20 Awesome Optical Illusions Using Typography

Cargo Business card box

Box your card! Transforming the traditional business card into a funny and unusual object - a little box of transporting cargo air. Tam cargo business card The card was designed by Young Rubicam.

Self promotion idea. How's this for a terrific idea for a writer or communications person? Lisa Sanders / Public Relations - well done! / Idea: turn the wheel or press a button to see message

SensasionS Catering / Denys & von Arend

SensasionS Catering / Denys & von Arend

Logo with a fork and spoon in the letter "s" for restaurant or catering business

Clever use of negative space

I like the use of the white space between the fork's teeth being wine bottles. Represents the event very well. >>> I love the incorporation of the fork and wine bottles - illustrating the purpose of the festival. The simple black and white is effective.

Astrid Campos

Wine art - hip graphic poster, sure to be spotted soon at a dimly-lit restaurant near you.