Adele Recklies Turkish flat bead crochet. She learned it from a Turkish shopkeeper in Ephesus in 2007 and called it Turkish flat crochet because she didn't know the real name. It turns out that it is actually an oya stitch called Snakes Bones #seed #bead #tutorial

Beaded Crochet Bracelet

Master class on bifurcation harness (splitting off to bead crochet a another tube)

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70 Patterns for tubular bead crochet Ann Benson Download

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Bead crochet showing 20 beads around. Needs translation. Very clear pictures. #Seed #Bead #Tutorial

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Turkish flat bead crochet #Seed #Bead #Tutorials

Turkish flat bead crochet | Hook, Yarn, and Needles the Old Stuff

How to close a crochet bracelet - #Seed #Bead #Tutorials

Comment fermer vos crochets? - Le Blog de Peetje

How to start/do the single bead crochet rope - for beginners, with detailed pictures - in Russian, but works with google translate

Учимся вязать жгуты столбиком

*P Flat Catrpillar Variations

"New Wave" Bead Crochet Rope, Sova Enterprises

Many crochet patterns with dbead schemas. These flat bracelets are down towards the bottom around #15 & #16. #Seed #Bead #Tutorials

Koraliki tudzież: Wzory sznurów szydełkowo-koralikowych

Many crochet rope schemas on this site. For this beauty, scroll down. #Seed #Bead #Tutorials

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Video: How To Make Your Own Bracelet Using Crochet - just the basics #Seed #Bead #Tutorials

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Bead Crochet - Tutorial

Marlene Brady: Bead Crochet

20 around (see pattern) I need to learn how to bead crochet

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Crochet euro-style. Lots of beads around the rope. (Dutch?) Nice pix; needs translation. Note the position of the hook to the threads and beads. #seed #bead #tutorial

Spirale en mailles serrées - Le Blog de Peetje

Crochet Rope Schema - #Seed #Bead #Tutorials

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Bead Crochet with O-beads by Alexandra Lysenko - no tute but just substitute in those new O beads or old lentils or..... #Seed #Bead #Tutorials

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Crocheting beads in 20 steps - lots of pictures. #Seed #Bead #Tutorials

Hollywood Cerise: Crocheting beads in 20 steps!

Invisible Join Technique for Tubular Bead Crochet from Ann Benson.

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Альбом Жгуты Burberry | - всё о бисере и бисерном творчестве

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БИСЕР СХЕМЫ, для вязания крючком на леске, Как читать схемы: в правом верхнем углу – это указание, на скольких бусинах жгут. Цифра 32 – количество бусин в раппорте. Набираем бусины: квадрат означает цвет, цифра- количество бусин

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Альбом Жгуты Burberry | - всё о бисере и бисерном творчестве

Альбом "Жгуты Burberry" | - всё о бисере и бисерном творчестве


формат dbb и jbb/Схемы для вязаных жгутов/Файлы/jbead

Free Crochet Bead Pattern Round 6

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6 around