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SPN Destiel & Cockles (CLOSED)

Which came first, the Destiel or the Cockles? Either way, they warranted their own page (and have now moved on to a second page).

SPN Destiel & Cockles (CLOSED)

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Why is Dean's hair always blonde in fanart?

Destiel fan art

You sail the fuck out of that ship, baby.

What Dean Meant - Part 2 (gif)

  • G Collins
    G Collins

    ah thank god for you uploading pics like these ♥

Of course it did, Dean.

Christmas squee! Art by the lovely LalaLettie. One of my absolute favourites.

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  • Harvie Ropra
    Harvie Ropra

    ok, ive been watching supernatural since the start, i feel really lost, do they like each other?????

Supernatural with a Batman. I think i can die happy now.

shadap, we’re canon, go away

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What Dean Meant - Part 1 (gif)

Best. Jack-o-lantern. Ever.

Even Sam ships it.

  • Mandi Brown
    Mandi Brown

    I'm laughing uncontrollably. 'IKR?'... Oh Cas. And the Taylor Swift CD? I have socks that match Cas'... I'm noticing too much.

  • Jennifer Benn
    Jennifer Benn

    Funny! I didn't even notice the CD. I keep getting stuck on Sam's bunny slippers.

Contrary to popular belief by ~olivatre

  • Sally Brown
    Sally Brown

    There are also gay angels in the His Dark Materials books--I think The Amber Spyglass

  • Adam Carmon
    Adam Carmon

    "But this ones taken - Dean"

  • Genna Desjardins
    Genna Desjardins

    Yes I am spoken for -Cas

DeanCas by ~Adangi

Destiel holding hands


“Happy Halloween, Cas.”

  • Mandi Brown
    Mandi Brown

    Oh. My. Gosh. This melted my heart. Oh Dean, you sap. I knew you had it in you.

  • Jennifer Benn
    Jennifer Benn

    I am such a sucker for that hand in the hair thing.

  • Amara Grace Julia Jeffords
    Amara Grace Julia Jeffords

    OMG! Me too!^^

Someone help me here. Is this real??? I don't know which episode this is, but now I am on a mission. @Bradford Benn - you know what we are going to have to do.

  • avery

    Unfortunately, it's photoshopped. The handwriting is different (more specifically the A's), and a couple of people said they went back and watched the episode. It wasn't there.

  • Jennifer Benn
    Jennifer Benn

    Blast! Oh well, I'm going to reject reality and pretend it is real. Thanks, Avery Michelle

  • avery

    That's what I do every time I see a Destiel/Cockles manip. No problem!

  • Katy

    And above that, the Doctor and a Dalek, for anyone who watches Doctor Who.

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