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I like Dan Howell
Gerard Bae
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This is awesome. i love it!!

it doesnt matter if ur gay or straight, black or white, but it matters what you…

*cries for days* this is why I don't freaking understand why people think badly upon our music. I bet you absolutely NO ONE would be allowed to crowd surf at a one direction/ justin bieber concert


I'm not sure this is really funny or extremely sad, but it is very true. For both my book and movie boyfriends!

I'm gonna write a book today

what if* Hyperventilates* Leo valdez *Hyperventilates* And Nico di Angelo *falls over dead*<<<< that's funny because.shut up I'm not stupid.<< actually IM going to be a new student soon.

Okay this is my "Every time I see I repin" gif

Click the link to read about 'Why You Should Be Glad That Summer Is Almost Over' . and to see the cutest GIF of Sherlock and John dancing! lol <<< OMFS, this is so funny

YUSSS Oli you go

My chemical romance breaks up, we cry. Zyan leaves one direction. And people call us emo.