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    The Gold Project - Organization

    The Gold Project - Organization

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    4th Blogiversary: The 10 Things I have Learned

    4th Blogiversary: The 10 Things I have Learned So Far

    My Book Tracker

    My Book Tracker

    my office craft nook

    My Office Craft Nook!

    scrapbook paper organization

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    makeup organization

    Makeup Organization!

    hair and hygiene accessory storage

    My Hair and Hygiene Accessory Storage!

    the gold spotlight

    The Gold Spotlight

    The current struggles THIS organizing lover is facing

    THIS Organizing Lover Struggles Too!

    perfume storage

    Perfume Storage!

    master bedroom nightstand organization

    Master Bedroom Nightstand Organization!

    Ikea Rast Nightstand Organization

    Ikea Rast Nightstand Organization!

    What's in my Bag: Spring 2015

    What's In My Bag: Spring 2015!

    Master Bedroom Closet Tour with Cleanup: Part 2

    Master Bedroom Closet Tour (Part 2)!

    Master Bedroom Closet Tour: Part 1

    Master Bedroom Closet Tour (Part 1)!

    5 ways to overcome procrastination when organizing

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    My Accessory Closet

    My Accessory Closet!

    master bathroom storage

    Master Bathroom Storage!

    New Mail System: Ikea Kvissle

    My New Mail System!

    Reorganizing Home Office Files

    Reorganizing Home Office Files!

    DIY storage: desk storage

    DIY Storage: Desk Storage!

    DIY Storage: Magazine Caddy

    DIY Storage: Magazine Caddy!

    5 tips to help you become more organized

    5 Tips to Help You Become More Organized!

    coin storage for the little ones

    DIY Storage: Coin Storage for the Little Ones!

    diy storage box tops

    DIY Storage: Box Tops!

    8 Ways to Keep Your Purse Organized!

    8 Ways to Keep Your Purse Organized!