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This cross-stitched truth from Dr Malcolm and Dr Sattler. | 36 Things Everyone Who Loves "Jurassic Park" Will Appreciate

36 Things Everyone Who Loves "Jurassic Park" Will Appreciate

Criminal Minds

healthy obsession

So true

Tip from On Running: Set Goals. I have to keep telling myself this.

On running tip Nº 4: Set yourself goals

My dream dog, a dapple dachshund. I will own one of these. Seriously, is that not the sweetest little face you've ever seen?

50 Puppies To Help You Get Through Work Today
  • Jeri

    My Oscar is a chocolate dapple and his brother Frank is a chocolate and tan. Super cute and sweet dogs. They're a protective breed of their families but my boys aren't aggressive just bark at people as they hide between my legs. aren


The face of an NHL goalie before masks became standard game equipment...

Salvador Dali

Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd. I would love to hang out with these 2 for a day.

I love this idea...the mother doesn't want a close up of her after delivery yet it captures the essence of the moment perfectly.

Little Critter books were so, so sweet and full of important life lessons for youngsters. #books #retro #nostalgia #childhood #1990s #1980s

Nathan Fillion reading Jaws

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aviculalunae: The Ouroboros, Greek for ‘tail swallower’  is depicted as a snake in circular motion swallowing it’s tail - on occasion, it c...

New Girl! I love nick.

The "New Girl" Drinking Game

Ian McKellan, 1976. <- oh my gosh, Gandalf was hot! ...with amazing Cumber-cheekbones!

Pink Floyd Lyrics - Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) Lyric Quote

Without them, science and medicine would never have made it this far…

Fred Einaudi's Patriot. Candy striper-type with tin tub of skulls in war torn landscape. Oil paint on canvas, 14 x 22 inches. Found on

Disturbing reality seen by Fred Einaudi | Artonfix

mad men divas

Playboy – Mad Men | Garotas Nerds



Carteles de películas en neón

Meanwhile, in an ALTERNATE universe...

Roman numerals date ring... perfect annv. gift

Claddagh Ring doorknocker, Ireland