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This compact snow and ice clearing multi-tool combines a shovel, brush, and ice scraper, all-in-one.

Zeus - All-In-One Snow Shovel, Brush, and Ice Scraper

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker / This is not just a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, but also a waterproof speaker that floats.

Brookstone Waterproof Floating Bluetooth Speaker

OWL EYEGLASS HOLDER|UncommonGoods This is crazy adorable. Too bad I'm getting LASIK (ha ha)

Owl Eyeglass Holder

A tiny device that transforms any smooth, flat surface into a virtual, multi-touch touchpad simply by recognizing hand motions.

evoMouse - Virtual Touchpad

The iPad Charging Floor Stand - Hammacher Schlemmer. Embracing technology - encouraging all readers

iPad Charging Floor Stand

Must have for camping, BBQs, party time Captain Catchup - Retro Raygun Condiment Dispensers

Captain Catchup - Retro Raygun Condiment Dispensers

Phillips Air Fryer ~ Prepare your favorite fried foods with little or no oil. The fryer's rapid air technology circulates hot air as it quickly fries, bakes, roasts, or grills – ensuring perfect texture and delicious results with fewer calories and less mess.

Philips AirFryer Digital - Fries, Bakes, Roasts, and Grills

Five Sense Aroma Diffuser: Balance mind, body and spirit by engaging the senses with this handcrafted maple wood and hand-blown glass musical aromoa diffuser.

Musical Handcrafted Essential Oil Diffuser

Here we have salt and pepper grinders that look like hands. Artist Manikin Handy Salt And Pepper Mills - The Green Head, via Gizmodo Things that look like other things

Artist Manikin Handy Salt And Pepper Mills

Food/Beverage: Hapilabs' Hapifork, an electronic fork that vibrates and lights up when you're eating too fast, connects via USB to your computer or via wireless to your smartphone to track your eating habits. #eating #healthy #diet #iphone #app #beller

HAPIfork - Smart Fork Encourages Healthier Eating Habits

Gift of Nothing

The Gift of Nothing

The world's first stress-relief and relaxation massage robot.

WheeMe - Stress-Relief Massage Robot

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper. I make it a point to rarely be in situations where it's so dark that I would need this product. Also, I'm no chemist but I'm not certain I want whatever it is that makes things glow in the dark that close to any of my umm...orifices.

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

RAZOR PIT SHARPENER|UncommonGoods Says it's for men but I don't see why it wouldn't be beneficial for women too

RazorPit - Razor Blade Cleaner and Sharpener

Snowflake Cookie Cutter These always look ridiculously large an pointless in the store, but, looking at them here - I get it. I wonder how they'd be to eat, though... I'd imagine pretty crumbly, with the wrong recipe...

Giant Snowflake Stainless-Steel Cookie Cutters

Get Some Garbage Pantz! If you can't stand how unappealing your trash cans look on the curb, then these Garbage Pantz are here to offer some humorously unique ways to cover up your bins with something a bit more attractive.

Garbage Pantz - The Green Head

Look what I found at UncommonGoods: hourglass sugar dispenser... for $15 #uncommongoods

Hourglass Sugar Dispenser

Flushmounted popout electrical outlets,+coolest+gadget+magazine)

Legrand Adorne - Pop-Out Outlets

Home Is, Beautiful Baubles, Beton Creaties, Mi Casa, Gadgets Gizmos Products, Concrete Crafts, Concrete Push

Cement Push Pins

Disco Gnome! (Almost) makes me want to decorate for the holidays.

Disco Ball Gnome

#Treadwall Rock Wall #Treadmill #fancy #luxury #home #fitness #workout #diet #healthy #health

Treadwall - Endless Climbing Wall / Vertical Treadmill

Declutter the house by making recycled newspaper logs for the fireplace

4-in-1 Paper Log Maker

Knock Knock's Stuff I Want to Hide from Nosy People Box are cute, small pictures boxes great for doodads and whatnots. Great birthday gifts, too!

Stuff I Want To Hide Storage Box

NASA Voyager, Golden Record. Launched in 1977 for communication with extra terrestrial species and now entering interstellar space...

Voyager 1 and 2 Golden Record Replica

Tetris Cookie Cutters - Great Stocking Stuffer Idea - F.I.N.D.S. Holiday Gift Guide for the Designer in your Life

Tetris Cookie Cutters