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Cool New Stuff

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The Hermetically Sealed DNA Time Capsule - securely stores your genetic fingerprint for use by future generations. Preserving one's DNA in the present enables future scientific advances to reveal any predispositions to disease—currently undetectable by today's methods

DNA Time Capsule

This incredible, super-deluxe reproduction is an authentic, functioning replica of the Mystic Seer featured in the legendary The Twilight Zone episode "Nick of Time" that starred William Shatner. Complete with napkin holder and menu holder-- just like in the show-- it features a working coin mechanism and can act as a bank. It even dispenses "fortunes"!

The Twilight Zone Mystic Seer Replica

Compact Multi Tools, Cold Gears, Gift Ideas, Snow, Chicago Winter, Secret Gift, Ice Clear, Clear Compact, Ice Scraper

Zeus - All-In-One Snow Shovel, Brush, and Ice Scraper

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker This is not just a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, but also a waterproof speaker that floats.

Brookstone Waterproof Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Owl glasses holder, whaaa??!!

Owl Eyeglass Holder

evoMouse - Virtual Touchpad - The Green Head

evoMouse - Virtual Touchpad

The iPad Charging Floor Stand a great last minute Christmas gift idea.

iPad Charging Floor Stand

Digital Binoculars, Sony Digital, Records Binoculars, Records Distant, Sony Dev5, Safe Haven, High Definition 3D, Digital Records, Dev5 Digital

Captain Catsup's Condiment Cannon

Captain Catchup - Retro Raygun Condiment Dispensers

Actually Reindeer, Puppies Dogs, Reindeer Antlers, Human Gathering, Forests Floors, Antlers Dogs, Dogs Chew Toys

Phillips Air Fryer ~ Prepare your favorite fried foods with little or no oil. The fryer's rapid air technology circulates hot air as it quickly fries, bakes, roasts, or grills – ensuring perfect texture and delicious results with fewer calories and less mess.

Philips AirFryer Digital - Fries, Bakes, Roasts, and Grills

YES!!!! - Woodsplitter Bottle Topper

Musical Handcrafted Essential Oil Diffuser - The Green Head

Musical Handcrafted Essential Oil Diffuser

Fancy - Outrageous Stuff

Artist Manikin Handy Salt And Pepper Mills

HAPIfork - a fork that tells you to eat slower

HAPIfork - Smart Fork Encourages Healthier Eating Habits

The Gift of Nothing. Ooh good prank idea

The Gift of Nothing

Glowing Pet Toy Ball - Now you can play all night long!

ChuckIt! Max Glow Ball Dog Toy

Healthy Inspiration, Lo Mio, Nifty Gadgets, Innovation Inventions, Mmmmm Fud, Websites Cool Products, Cooool Stuff, Massage Robots, Stress Relief Massage

WheeMe - Stress-Relief Massage Robot

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper. I make it a point to rarely be in situations where it's so dark that I would need this product. Also, I'm no chemist but I'm not certain I want whatever it is that makes things glow in the dark that close to any of my umm...orifices.

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

Razor Blade Sharpener - Unique Gifts Ideas

RazorPit - Razor Blade Cleaner and Sharpener

This Jaws Collectible Bottle Opener is Stainless Steel #bottleopeners

JAWS Shark Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

Love this idea! This Key Hiding Rock is brought to you by Uncommon Goods. It looks just like a rock because it is a real rock handmade in New Hampshire using real stones selectively picked on the New England Coast.

Real Rock Key Holder

These amazing snowflake cookie cutters with cutouts are gorgeous for under $10 from Williams-Sonoma! Good stocking stuffer, exchange gift, or for secret santa or cookie exchanges!

Fashionable pants for your Garbage Bins. Garbage Pantz!

Garbage Pantz - The Green Head

Cool Gifts for Chefs, Gift Ideas for Chefs | UncommonGoods

Hourglass Sugar Dispenser