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Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV). Luxor Museum, Egypt.


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Museo Louvre - París (© Gtresonline)
Flickr: louvre egypt Timeline
Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten's daughter~ Sculptured bust ~ Made of polymer ~ This daughter of Akhenaten ~ indentified as Ankh -en-pa-Aton is cleverly painted in stylized elegance ~ Original: Musee du Louvre ~ Paris ~ Egypt ~New Kingdom ~ 18th Dynasty ~ Around 1345 BC

Amarna princess

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King auibre hor, old kingdom - magnificent eyes inlaid with rock crystal and quartz Egyptian Museum, Cairo - Egypt.
King auibre hor, old kingdom - magnificent eyes inlaid with rock crystal and quartz Egyptian Museum, Cairo - Egypt.
King Auibre Hor, old kingdom - magnificent eyes inlaid with rock crystal and quartz Egyptian Museum, Cairo - Egypt.

Auibre Hor

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Tutankhamun review – thrills and fun as King Tut gets the Hollywood treatment


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Ramesses II

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Pharaoh Pepi II
Pharaoh Pepi I
Pepy I and Merenre (?), copper alloy and inlay, dyn 6, Old Kingdom, from Hierakonpolis, housed in the Egyptian Museum- the sculptures were constructed over a core and then pieced together


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Berlin, Neues Museum, Berliner Grüner Kopf (New Museum, Berlin Green Head) From Egypt
Egypt Berlin Green Head
Berlin's "Green Head" Statue part (sculpture) Darius I.  Different Dating: Ptolemaic period  Ptolemaic period Egypt (country).

Green Head

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Cabeza de una estatua colosal de Sesostris III
Senusret III Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt
Senusret III (Khakaura), c.1870-1831 BC, 12th Dynasty. Carved from Red Granite. From Karnak


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Lady Sennuwy. ca. 1920 BCE. Granite, height 172 cm, 116.5 cm. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Harvard University, Boston of Fine Arts Expedition.
Statue of Lady Sennuwy  Egyptian  Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, reign of Senwosret I  1971–1926 B.C.
Sennuwy was the wife of a powerful Egyptian provincial governor during the Midle Kingdom named Djefaihapi of Asyut. The rock-cut tomb of the couple is the largest non royal tomb of the Middle Kingdom, and the quality of the statue indicates that they had access to the best artists, probably trained in a royal workshop.  The statue of Sennuwy and her husband were originally in their tomb chapel, or in a sanctuary in Egypt, but they were found to the south in Kerma, ancient Nubia. The original sta

Lady Sennuwy

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Thoutmosis III, détail de la statue en marbre noir, musée du Caire
Thutmosis III, Egypt, Luxor Museum,


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Statues of Rahotep and his wife Nofret date from the Old Kingdom. They were discovered in 1871 at Meidum near the pyramid of the 4th Dynasty King Sneferu (ca. 2625 - 2585 BCE). It is possible that Rahotep was Sneferu's son.
Beautifully preserved life-size painted limestone funerary sculptures of Prince Rahotep wife Nofret. Note the lifelike eyes of inlaid rock crystal (Old Kingdom)

Rahotep & Nofret

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Yuya & Tuya

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Temple of Hatshepsut, Thebes | Excavations throughout Met History, 1870–present | The Met Around the World | The Metropolitan Museum of Art


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The secrets of the magnificent statue of pharaoh Khafre
Kephren Cairo museum
softness chokes — Statue of Pharaoh Khafre (2550-2480 BC) in green...

Khafre, Khefren, Chephren

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The tomb of Nefertari, QV66 is one of the largest in the Valley of the Queens, Egypt.


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Alexandria City, Egypt.
Consul's Square, Alexandria, Egypt, ca 1870s Fountain Clos… | Flickr
Alexandria City, Egypt.

Egypt Early Photography - Alexandria

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Through the Lens of Egypt's Early Bird Tourists

Egypt Early Photography - Cairo

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Egypt Early Photography - Other

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