Seriously bawled the second time around!!!!!!

River, No!

All my feels did this the other day I cried. :'( it's so sad to see River die and him not know how very special she is to him. for river "hello sweetie"

TARDIS murphy bed

Doctor Who Tardis bed.but it looks like a twin bed. He'd never agree to a twin bed from his queen. Of course, it IS a Tardis bed. This would be great in the play room to easily turn into a guest bedroom

I want this!!

This is a real safe that will only open when a smart phone with the tardis app and combo is inserted into the top comes with detail inside and sounds of the tardis. If I had a smart phone!

28 Reasons Why The Doctor Would Make a Terrible Boyfriend

28 Reasons The Doctor Would Make A Terrible Boyfriend

The Doctor might have two hearts, but he’s got a dark past. 28 Reasons The Doctor Would Make A Bad Boyfriend

I would totally do this if I was in the TARDIS

The Turn Of The Universe by Scrii Whovian art is really the best.

Doctor Who TARDIS Mosaic Lantern by piecesofmyart

Jeff Zelnio - awesome guy all around and talented mosaic artist. Doctor Who TARDIS Mosaic Lantern

Captain Jack Harkness says,'Hi.' Plus, he's hitting on all of you! Just sayin...

Captain Jack Harkness says hi. - yea where's the love for Captain Jack in this?

Dr. Who / Dr. Seuss

doctor seuss doctor who cat in the hat