Fake Reading vs Real Reading... a great anchor chart from Head Over Heels For Teaching (blog)

I would use this "Fake Reading vs Real Reading" chart as a model to talk with my students about expectations during Independent Reading Time.

Inference chart from ELA in the Middle | Middle School English Language Arts

Inference chart

Inference---The chart presented in this visual could be used for middle school grades. Students compare and contrast inferring what the texts says and what they personally infer what the text is saying.

generating questions

Generating Questions Lesson: Create anchor chart, discuss how asking questions while reading keeps us engaged in the story and betters our comprehension. Next, we take a quick picture walk through a big book st


This would foster students to become engaged readers, as it provides them tips to think about while reading, and to help them stay on task and focused with reading.

Retelling anchor chart

Use Recount instead Retelling Anchor Chart. Good for kids who need to work intensively on basic reading skills. Paired, possibly, with visuals for kids with limited proficiency or processing issues.


Inferring lesson with a paper bag of items--like this! Could be fun if instead of a paper bag, used purses.

Teacher-created graphic organizers

read to self: Real Reading vs Fake Reading. Excellent for teaching Silent Reading Stamina - Anchor Chart

Teacher Trap: Reading is Thinking!

Reading is Thinking

More ideas

RL 10 prepare the title then add the text in the thought bubbles with your class as a discussion Reading is Thinking anchor chart by The Pinspired Teacher thepinspiredteach.

Making Connections Anchor chart

Making Connections Anchor Chart: Can be shown in a different way for upper grades. Still a good basic chart to remind students as they read.

get ready for that common core!

Anchor Chart: Questions to ask about what we are reading-Asking questions and making connections to seemingly non connected things

Several really great anchor chart ideas (Reading, Math, etc) | http://teacherificfun.blogspot.com/

Making Connections Anchor Chart: Can be shown in a different way for upper grades. Still a good basic chart to remind students as they read. Anchor charts are a main element of a literacy-rich classroom

Teaching My Friends!: Self-Monitoring

self-monitoring anchor chart: This would be great in a lower grade classroom. This reminds students to be thinking about what they are reading and allows them to be responsible for monitoring themselves.

Bing : anchor charts for reading

Retelling Stories Anchor Chart and printable for creating a "retelling rope." Cute and good idea for primary grades such as pre grade for reading comprehension skills

Good Readers solve tricky words by...Anchor Chart

"Good readers solve tricky words by." 6 strategies from A Literate Life - Anchor Charts Change it to just "readers solve tricky words by." instead of "good readers" and you've got yourself a deal