Baroque & Rococo Hair Styles Theater Akademie By Florian Zeughan

Rococo "Hairstyles in high Rococo" was the subject of an examination in the semester of the final year of the Instructor: Todd Maxwell Restoration hair and makeup 1

Alexia Sinclair 2013 "Les Antoinettes: La Coiffure Oiseau"

"La Coiffure Oiseau" by Alexia Sinclair - "a naval clash that occurred between the British and the French in 1778 was to inspire the extravagant pouf worn by Marie Antoinette, known as La Belle Poule". From the "Les Antoinettes" collection

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☫ A Veiled Tale ☫ wedding, artistic and couture veil inspiration - Marie Antoinette inspired lace mask

Vincent Alvarez

Журнал : Aestus Magazine Фотограф : Vincent Alvarez Стиль : Mélanie Perego Исторические костюмы : Martin D’Autry Paris Модели : Yuliana @ Metropolitan Models & Katya P.

Fantastic Hairdress with Fruit and Vegetable Motif Anonymous, French, 18th century

* Fantastic Hairdress with Fruit and Vegetable Motif - Watercolor on canvas laid down on board Anonymous, French, century

Betty the cooks maid head drest, June 13th, 1776, Lewis Walpole Library Digital Collection

Betty the cook maids head drest - 1776 by W. Humphrey from Lewis Walpole Library. celebrating all her jobs from cooking grilling mopping and sweeping


black lace mask yes for this hair! We could even powder our faces and wear patches omg must hv an alluring beauty spot! darkness-and-tim-burton-inspired-makeup