Recycle your old CDs into solar panels.

How to Make a Solar Panel From CDs | eHow

Packing a Bug Out Bag? Don’t Forget These Three Items | Preppers Essential Supplies For Survival By Survival Life

Packing a Bug Out Bag? Don't Forget These Three Items

The World’s First Zombie Proof #House

The World's First Zombie Proof House

I totally had to do this tonight since I killed my can to open a can with a spoon.

How To: Open A Can With A Spoon

How to get fresh water out of thin air | Fog-harvesting system developed by MIT and Chilean researchers could provide potable water for the world’s driest regions.

How to get fresh water out of thin air

When preparing for when the SHTF - toilet paper is like gold!

PREPARE Magazine | Toilet Paper: How much do I need … when SHTF?

What Every Prepper Needs to Know About Emergency Communications | Organized Prepper | The Best in Prepping Supplies and Survival Gear

What Every Prepper Needs to Know About Emergency Communications

How do you keep your home straight when you can't even find time to keep your head on straight? Here are 5 things you can do when you're in survival mode! Homemaking When You're In Survival Mode ~ Club31Women

Homemaking When You're in Survival Mode - Club 31 Women

Solar charging backpack that can charge your laptop. From Voltaic. This can be your bug out bag. Charge your phone and flashlights and laptop. Just fill it up with supplies. Grab and run in any emergency.

Voltaic Solar Backpack Recharges Your Gadgets -

Sneaky Survival Snare Traps To Keep You Alive - Survival Life | Preppers | Survival Gear | Blog

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12 self defense tricks that could come in handy one day. Every girl should know these.

12 Self-Defense Tips That Could Come In Handy One Day

Prepper's game

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Preparedness Tips for Those with Elderly Family Members | Survival Prepping & Emergency List for Elderly, Prep for the SHTF Scenario By Survival Life

Preparedness Tips for Those with Elderly Family Members

Lace-on boot holster.

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How To Build a PVC Pipe Survival Cache - Time capsule

How To Build a PVC Pipe Survival Cache - SHTF Preparedness

Skills For Surviving

Skills For Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

a satellite device that lets you send text messages from your cell phone even if your phone can’t connect to the Internet or phone service.

DeLorme AG-008449-201 inReach for iOS & Android

The Spy Guide! These are all tutorials on how to make your own spy equipment, or how to hide things!

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Bartering is among the four ways people have paid for things throughout history: barter, coins, paper and most recently, plastic (credit). We've assembled a list of the top items for preppers for bartering to help you prepare!

Prepper's Bartering List

9 Kickass Booby Traps to Rig Your Homestead | DIY Homemade Projects For Emergency Preparedness By Survival Life

DIY & Self Sufficiency

Homesteading without the farm!

Homesteading Skills for Preppers

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How to Create An Emergency Preparedness Kit - See Mom Click

Cattail Survival Uses | Survival Prepping Ideas, Survival Gear, Skills & Emergency Preparedness Tips - Survival Life Blog: #survivallife

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Check out this article where I share my off the grid living experiences and explain why I believe that preppers should own more than one generator.

Why I Think All Preppers Should Own More Than One Generator