Grow Hydrangea From Cuttings

Does this work? Grow Hydrangea From Cutting.First Find hydrangeas and cut some small branches. Place your cuttings in water for an hour. Then Cut the top and plant each leaf.

best trees for indoor use

OMG a lemon tree inside YES! best trees for indoor use / going home to roost Check out the website, some girl tried a new diet and tracked her results

DIY String Garden - Kokedama by acultivatednest #String_Garden #Kokedama

DIY String Gardens "Kokedama"

Gardens that hang. I stumbled upon a really cool indoor gardening concept the other day – string gardens. “Kokedama” is basically the Japanese art of enclosing a plants roots in a moss ball and suspending that plant – sort of a hanging bonsai concept.

Indoor plant bench.

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Intra-generic Orchid-hybrid: Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Anne ‘Buckleberry’ (Bulbophyllum longissimum x Bulbophyllum rothschildianum)

Plant pictures

plant boxes (this is also a way to mount items on walls/fence). Using a space like this as a shadow box could house garden tools - for function and as art.

Calamondin Orange Tree. A hard to kill indoor possible plant with edible fruit!

7 Houseplants You Absolutely Can't Kill

Calamondin Orange Tree // a hard to kill plant with edible fruit that can be grown indoors